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Design Build – Conveyco’s integration team has worked on a broad range of projects across many different industries. Even within highly specialized industries, each client has unique challenges and goals. Our first priority is to listen.


How to Create an Effective Warehouse Slotting Process

Warehouse slotting is the process of organizing inventory in a warehouse or distribution center. Typically, successful warehouse slotting maximizes the use of available space within a warehouse through more efficient storage and picking, while...


How SKU Analysis Helps DCs Assess the Impact of SKU Proliferation on Their Operation

SKU proliferation is a normal part of order fulfillment, but something that can have major impacts on your ability to do business. Are you wondering how SKU proliferation might be impacting your DC or order fulfillment operation? Conducting a SKU analysis can help put things in perspective.

Why Dallas is a Great Place to Build a DC

Building a new warehouse or distribution center, but not sure of exactly where in the country you should build it? As we can see in Amazon’s search, “Where should I build my warehouse?” is...

Why Chicago is a Great Place to Build a Warehouse or DC

Many of the nation’s largest order fulfillment operations locate at least one of their warehouses or DCs in Chicago, and for good reason. The city has a lot to offer, making it a great location for any operation thinking about building a new facility.


Warehouse Size: How Large Does Your Warehouse Need to Be?

When it comes to building a new warehouse or distribution center for your order fulfillment or materials handling operation, there are a number of factors that must be considered. Location (where in the country...


Everything You Need to Know About Inventory Costing

For any order fulfillment operation or materials handling operation to be successful, it is critical for you to have a firm understanding of the cost of goods sold, also called “Inventory Costing.” Here, we discuss some of the most common methods of inventory costing.


Top 5 Considerations When Building a New Warehouse or DC

Building a new warehouse or DC can have a tremendously positive impact on your operation’s ability to fulfill orders on time and for the lowest possible cost. If you are planning a new warehouse, these are the top considerations you should keep in mind when starting your design build.