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Palletizing systems allow products to be arranged for storage or transport economically and safely. Automate repetitive tasks, lowering operational costs.

Stacking Up the Reasons for Palletizing

Palletizing systems allow products to be arranged for storage or transport economically and safely.   Often many of the repetitive injury claims which occur in today’s manufacturing and distribution environments are due to lifting, turning, and bending relating to order assembly or stacking goods.

  • Automate repetitive tasks, lowering operational costs
  • Increase worker safety, reducing claims that can arise from lifting and bending injuries
  • Balance production schedules and product mixes automatically, and
  • Operate 24 hours a day with a limited staff, increasing output

Selecting the right palletizing system depends on both operational requirements and business considerations, including:

  • Up front cost and return on investment
  • Product geometry
  • Production line rates or orders to be built each day
  • Simultaneous production lines in operation
  • Pallet patterns
  • Speed, efficiency, and accuracy
  • Ergonomics and safety

 Conveyco, as a systems integrator, can provide our clients:

  • The experience and expertise in designing and building new palletizing solutions, as well as modifying them for existing operations;
  • A range of solutions from which to choose, along with our recommendation for the right one to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations; and
  • The ability to balance entire operations by matching the capability of technology with the output of production.

Conveyco has the capability of designing a palletizing system that is tailored to the specific requirements of your operation, including manual, semi-automatic, conventional, robotic, and hybrid solutions. Our approach does not limit us to “one-solution-fits-all,” but rather enables us to select the right combination of technologies from “best-in-breed” manufacturers.