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The “RightFit” Begins Here

Conveyco shapes solutions that are the perfect blend of hard and soft technologies.  This balance results in the RightFit solution that is as simple as it can be, but no less.  By leveraging the strength of properly crafted software the physical assets required to address a customer’s challenges can be minimized.  And the reverse is true: because of our decades of experience in designing some of the most advanced systems we also know how to simplify the software required to power a system making it less costly and more easily supported. We are sought out by the very best in breed manufacturing partners who represent the full breath of automated material handling technologies.  Our capabilities and experience include the technologies that are on the following pages in this section.

Order selection systems can range in the technology that is used to satisfy the requirements of a given system.  Systems can range from less automated Person to Goods (or P2G) type systems which are usually systems such as Pick Modules which may or may not include additional layers of technology such as Voice Picking or Pick to Light (PTL) directed order selection.

More automated systems can use a variety of other technologies to alter the manner in which goods are selected and then sorted to their respective orders.  For example, in Goods to Person (G2P) type systems the goods are retrieved from the storage locations and brought to an order processing station rather than a person traveling to the physical pick locations as is the case in P2G picking.

In more advanced order selection systems Unit Level Sortation systems can be used to sort individual items down to packing stations.  So the pick quantity can be very large for a wave which increases productivity and the sorter can be used to break that down to the order level.

Sorters are also regularly used to handle the routing of goods through a distribution environment. Whether it is the routing of a carton between pick zones, or and order into a packing system, or the eventual shipping of that item to a lane associated with a particular carrier, Sortation solutions can facilitate a wide range of functions in the warehouse.

Robotics are finding their place In both distribution and manufacturing applications at an increasingly faster pace. This is is due to increasing wages and a shrinking pool of available labor. In manufacturing environments the palletizing of goods at the end of production lines eliminates the need for multiple shifts of labor which are exposed to repetitive motion injury.  In distribution environments outbound order pallets can be built in store friendly or even aisle friendly formats saving valuable time and labor at the stores where these goods arrive.