A software-agnostic approach translates to better solutions.

Software applications need to be highly adaptive. They must respond quickly to variability in workflow, changes in the work required, events, reprioritization, and other issues that affect accuracy, speed, safety, efficiency and security.

Tightly integrated software is the intelligence behind what we do. We offer the best of both worlds: in-house expertise and a choice of strategic partners.

How each system functions and how the solution works as a whole depends on some extraordinarily precise, highly technical details. That's why we have our own internal staff of electrical engineers, programmers, and technicians—the kind of people who love details and who can also see the big picture. Our in-house fabrication facility adheres to UL guidelines, allowing us to design customized components to the highest standards.

In addition to our own control competencies we work with outside vendors who specialize in warehouse control systems and warehouse management systems. We've developed great working relationships with leading software providers because we take a highly interactive approach in our partnerships with them. By engaging with a variety of vendors at a deeper level, we've worked with more applications than our competitors.

Our internal resources and outside partnerships allow a greater level of functionality and flexibility in the systems we design. And, in some cases, our clients own and control the code, which provides more freedom to modify and expand capabilities at a lower cost. Learn more from a recent case study or feel free to contact us.