24V – Motorized Driven Roller (MDR)

Motorized Driven Roller

24v – Motorized Driven Roller (MDR)

24V – Motorized Driven Roller is a conveyor where the conveying surface is powered by independently driven powered rollers rather than motors and gearboxes as is the case with traditional conveyor systems.

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The powered roller is driven by a 24V motor which is enclosed in a roller tube. There is typically one motor in each “zone” which slave drive additional carrying rollers. There are a multitude of flexible options and configurations with this type of micro conveyor to help in many different places in the material handling system.

The advantages of 24V – Motorized Driven Roller are:

  • Power savings (runs on demand)
  • Quiet (no chains and sprockets)
  • Safe
  • Creative applications in tight footprints
  • High availability and device monitoring through network of components


  • Merging
  • Sortation
  • Product separation and gapping
  • Zone routing transfers within pick modules
  • Can be belted for inclines, declines, and bag/envelope handling

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