Corporate Values

Corporate Values

Conveyco Technologies’ Corporate Values

Our customers come first

Customers are the lifeblood of our company. We will work hard to earn the trust of new and existing customers to maintain the value and relevancy of our company.  We will nourish the relationships we have been entrusted with and work hard to service the systems and maintain their reliability and operational integrity.

Our team is our number one asset

We go above and beyond to service our client’s needs. We ensure that our employees participate in training to stay abreast with and learn about new technology and application techniques.  We strive for excellence in our daily work; this is a key element to our 30 year history of proven success.

Technology & Return on Investment (ROI)

We apply best in breed software and mechanization by utilizing “state of the application” practices; to achieve a vigorous return on investment for each of our systems we engineer so that only the appropriate materials and technologies are applied to address the challenges at hand.

Personal & Professional Integrity/Courtesy

We expect that all our associates’ actions are consistent with the  highest ethical standards. Our team members realize that by nurturing internal departmental relationships, they are enhancing the customer experience daily.


An organization that doesn’t address issues head on, progressively, and in advance, is destined for defeat. Through the use of metrics and candor we openly face challenges and proactively address them before they become unmanageable. Employees throughout the organization know they can bring concerns to any level of management without fear of consequence and are encouraged to do so because their opinions count.

Creativity & The Ability to See Through Analysis

Any company can sell someone else’s idea and offer no value. Our value resides in our ability to solve a problem creatively, through the use of less capital, either in terms of ongoing operational expense, or the upfront cost of the associated system investment. Business analytics will be a core competency at Conveyco Technologies. As in part of our value-added business model, the engineering team will not only perform complex business analysis and modeling but will maintain the ability to use common sense in order to ensure practicality. The most important value-added proposition is; all the analysis in the world cannot replace common sense, experience and proven success.