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Choosing Conveyco as Your Systems Integrator

Choosing Conveyco as Your Systems Integrator

Conveyco is a full-service Integrator. We pride ourselves on an unbridled commitment to best practices and guidelines throughout your material handling project. We can use as much, or as little of our process, depending on what our client needs. Whether it’s a Design Build from the beginning to partnering later in the process, we’re ready to work with you.

Before embarking on system design, the right internal team should be assembled. It is critical to have the key decision-makers involved in the process to focus the project around the needs of the business.

There are three reasons to have the right stakeholders involved from the start:

  1.  Creating the RightFIT solution begins with stakeholders who have the knowledge and experience to prioritize the objectives of the project.  It is important that the team consist of Operations, IT, Finance, and Purchasing. This ensures all perspectives are represented, and the project objectives are clearly defined and agreed to.
  2. It is imperative to have the same team involved through the project cycle so that their ideas, opinions, and concerns, can be addressed and incorporated immediately while providing team and project continuity
  3.  Our Project Team will forecast potential savings and ongoing costs to successfully operate and maintain the system throughout its Lifecycle.  They will ultimately determine the appropriate balance of Technologies, Capital Investment, and Ongoing Operational Expenses that is appropriate to address each of the project’s stated objectives.

How to Choose The “RightFIT” Partner:

Choose a partner that approaches each project with a fresh perspective ready to learn about your business. Much too often a solution provider will offer a cookie cutter solution simply because you, the client, are in the same vertical industry.  Each company operates differently, and your Material Handling Integrator should realize this and be ready to respond to your company’s specific needs.

Does size matter?  Many clients feel comfortable working with a larger company, but this often is not the best fit for every client.  Larger companies often have a higher overhead cost which translates into a higher cost for the system you are purchasing. Working with a larger company can result in a slower and less agile project team that is not able to make changes that arise during the project.  A clear advantage is that there is less decision making layers when working with a systems integrator.  Project changes can usually be made quickly and efficiently instead of taking long periods of time, which helps avoid costly project delays.

A Conveyco survey of its clients stated that a key differentiator in working with an integrator like Conveyco is a more personal and customer focused experience.  Clients are not simply a number (as is the case at larger manufacturers) but are closely partnered to tailor a solution which will best address their needs with the broadest technology options.

It has been our experience that working with an integrator will result in a solution that has a broader selection of technologies than what a specific manufacturer might offer.  Often working with a manufacturer can result in a system design that is overly bias towards the materials they produce.  By not working with one manufacturer, the system design will have a higher likelihood of being properly tailored to your needs.

The relationship with Conveyco as an integrator is a long-term partnership from the initial design, through the design, implementation and throughout the system’s Lifecycle.  It is critical that your integration partner have your best interests in mind.  Chances are that if your values (such as integrity, work ethic, commitment to excellence, and teamwork) are a close match, then the ongoing partnership will be a great fit for years to come.

Conveyco is proud to have earned the trust and business of clients that have spanned decades. Nearly 90% of our annual revenue is repeat business or from a direct referral from a past client we have served.