Conveyco Technologies, material handling, integrator, warehouse automation

Customer service and support to last a lifetime, boasting a standard held by no other Integrator in the industry.

Adding Life to Your System

At the heart of every Conveyco system is a team of people committed to its success both before and after the sale.  As part of the commissioning process a team is assembled including the Project Manager, Manager of Life Cycle Support Parts, and The Account Executive who will act as the go to people for clients after the sale.

Keeping your system up and online is critical to meeting increasingly demanding service levels of your clients.  Lost time can cost thousands of dollars per hour in reduced profit as well as reducing your ability to achieve your return on investment. Choosing a team that puts 105% into your system assures this will not happen.

Conveyco has a dedicated team of Customer Service technicians who are available to serve you. Whether it is for parts or your system does go down – they are there to get you up and running in the quickest manner possible.

In addition to parts, our Life Cycle Service Department offers a variety of services that can help you get even more out of your system as your system ages or needs change.

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