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Apparel distribution lines now are blurred between manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers

Apparel distribution has changed drastically over the years, and the process will continue to evolve in order to meet the changing demands of consumers. Because each product has unique physical characteristics, Apparel has always needed different distribution methods than other consumer goods.

The industry used to have clear-cut lines between manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, but those lines are beginning to blur. Large retailers are now designing, sourcing, and distributing their own products overseas. Different types of Apparel companies have sprung up with the rise of eCommerce and Omni Channel Retailing. The latest trend, Fast Fashion, requires lightning-fast distribution operations so that cutting-edge designs can pass quickly from the catwalk to the customer.

With the always-changing face of fashion, products have a very limited lifespan in the marketplace. Products must be distributed as quickly as possible in order to capture the maximum sales volume, minimize inventory, and take advantage of pricing markdowns.

All of these factors influence the type of distribution solutions that Conveyco is able to offer to Apparel distribution operations. Our RightFIT solutions are designed to be flexible enough to meet changing product lines and improve go-to-market strategies.

For retailers that need to shuffle product to a number of different destinations it reaches the distribution center, our Push Method could be the perfect solution. These systems enable companies to pre-sort large orders right from the start, no matter how many retail outlets are involved in the final distribution.

The Push Method pre-allocates merchandise at the point of production. Our Push Method systems scan each SKU in the receipt in order to shuffle specific quantities of each product quickly and easily to any number of pre-assigned retail outlets. For today’s Omni Channel retailers, this is not a luxury. Companies need the ability to distribute products quickly to various outlets. Large orders must be broken down and shuffled to any number of retail stores and eCommerce channels. It has to be instantaneous.

Bombay Sorter - Apparel Distribution - Conveyco Technologies IncConveyco’s RightFIT fulfillment solutions are designed to be flexible in order to meet these distribution challenges within the Apparel industry. Our solutions can handle hanging apparel, flat apparel, shoes, and accessories with a single system in order to maximize your distribution center efficiency and improve your customer experience.

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