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Accuracy is the main focus for distributing Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Products

Conveyco has a long history of solving the unique challenges with the distribution of medical device & pharmaceutical products. We understand the different types of distribution operations, the wide range of products sold, and the unique and urgent requirements for a wide variety of clients served.

We have extensive experience with the distribution of:

  • Pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals
  • Medical devices and medical products
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Durable medical equipment and durable medical equipment supplies

The industry has many unique requirements such as:

  • Lot number tracking
  • Serial number recording
  • Extensive quality to ensure that the correct product is delivered
  • Urgent timeframe demands unlike any other industry
  • Increased security demands
  • Strict confidentiality

We understand that different types of distribution within the medical device & pharmaceutical products industry can create many unique challenges. A single distribution center might have a whole range of different order profiles and a wide variety of efficiency challenges. A manufacturer shipping to a wholesaler has different order profiles and delivery demands than a distributor that supplies emergency surgery kits to hospitals for tomorrow’s operating room schedule.

Just because pharmaceuticals and vitamins are a similar size and shape whether they come in glass or plastic pill bottles, they are distributed very differently. Pharmaceutical manufacturers typically handle 100 to 500 SKUs, while vitamin distributors often carry 5,000 to 10,000 SKUs.

Distributors of medical devices may build specialized surgical kits tailored to the needs of a specific surgery or doctor.

The way each of these businesses operates requires vastly different fulfillment system designs. Each system must address different challenges and constraints. Conveyco’s RightFIT methodology caters to the specific needs of your business and the nuances of your customer’s requirements.

We can help you create a more efficient distribution operation to meet your business goals.

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