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Omni channel retail fulfillment needs to be built for flexibility

Omni Channel Retail Fulfillment has been an ambiguous and evolving term used to describe how a retailer interfaces and services today’s consumers.

Consumers want to be able to buy products through any sales channel, from a brick-and-mortar store to a retail website or a mobile application. Then, consumers want orders delivered through any number of shipping channels, from retail store pick-up, direct parcel delivery, or third party parcel delivery.

Omni channel distribution operations need to have the flexibility to pick any order in your inventory to be shipped through any channel that is available.

Omni Sales Channels

  • Retail
  • Direct-to-Consumer
  • Wholesale
  • Dropship (Direct shipping to another company’s consumer order)

Shipping Channels

  • Retail (TL, LTL, and Parcel)
  • Consumer (Parcel)
  • Wholesale (TL, LTL, or customer’s carrier)
  • Drop ship (Parcel)

Large single-channel eCommerce retailers have pressured traditional retailers with low prices and same day delivery.  Omni channel retailers have responded with strategies to help leverage their network of retail locations, which are already close to the consumer.

Omni channel retailers have merged retail and direct to consumer (DTC) order fulfillment operations under one roof to allow the Distribution Center to take advantage of their existing inventory. In order to stay competitive with pricing while maintaining profits, retailers have been forced to merge what was once two different facilities into a single, tightly-integrated operation. Retailers must find unique ways to maximize space, labor, and freight to build efficient inventories.

Conveyco understands that Omni Channel Retail Fulfillment requires tailored order fulfillment systems to meet the unique demands of each client.  Our systems are designed to be fast, flexible and efficient.

Whether you are an operation that primarily fills retail orders with a growing amount of DTC orders, or you are a manufacturer/wholesaler processing an ever-growing number of drop ship DTC orders with special packing lists and parcel shipping requirements, Conveyco has the RightFIT order fulfillment solutions that meet your needs.

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