ASRS Shuttles

AS/RS Shuttles

Shuttles are a form of Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) that deliver product via a Shuttle that runs on a track in between a racking structure. This can also be called a Goods to Person setup.

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How it Works:

ASRS Shuttles can operate on 1 level or can move to multiple levels via lifts that are located at the end of the rows. Shuttles are battery powered and are intelligent enough to know when to recharge. When an item is requested, the Shuttle will drive to the location of the product, and pick it from the rack. It will then drive to the end of a row where a lift will be waiting. The lift can either take the product off the Shuttle, or it can transport the Shuttle itself. Once the product reaches the base level of the Shuttle system, it can be moved to a conveyor and delivered to the next destination.

Typical Application:

This Goods to Person type of order fulfillment performs well with product sequencing and buffering mix unit loads, break-pack and full-case order fulfillment, order consolidation, and route delivery.

Why Use a Shuttle:

A Shuttle can deliver product at high speeds, its configurations can be flexible and scalable. To increase throughput, add more Shuttles to the system, add more physical rack space and shuttle track when you have the need to increase inventory. Shuttles can accommodate multiple sizes of a product as well as store product at very high-density levels in any type of space. Shuttles also provide a built-in redundancy. If a shuttle goes down and needs repair, your system will not be at a standstill. The other shuttles can still continue to work and deliver product.

The Shuttle system capitalizes on all of the key areas in automation: Efficiency, Accuracy, Ergonomics, Flexibility, Scalability, Redundancy, and Storage Capacity. If low-risk automation is what your company seeks this is the solution for you.
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