Mid-Load AS/RS

When mini-loads and unit load automated storage and retrieval systems are too expensive, can’t store and retrieve what your organization requires, can’t get an acceptable ROI, don’t want to dig into your facilities concrete flooring, want to be able to modify the system easily in the future, need guaranteed up time accessibility to inventory, requires too much operator training and maintenance staffing or simply doesn’t match up to your application or facilities specifications and requirements… the Mid-Load AS/RS system is likely a great candidate.

The Mid-Load AS/RS system uniquely utilizes a crane that rides on the surface. No cutting or permanently embedding the track into your facility’s floor. The system utilizes a blend of non-proprietary and off the shelf components to provide a tremendous value in both the initial acquisition cost and cost of ownership. Its compact design saves up to 85% of floor space while maintaining flexibility. Systems can easily be expanded or even relocated as future requirements evolve.

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Why the Mid-Load AS/RS System Can Be Perfect for Your Operations

When selecting a goods-to-person AS/RS system it is vital to compare the different type of technologies and find the best match. The Mid-Load AS/RS system simply provides features and benefits other AS/RS systems cannot. The system’s ability to handle a wide variety of custom pallets, cases, non-standard shape items, metal racks and bins and so much more make its flexibility unique.

The Mid-Load AS/RS system’s cost effectiveness, ease of maintenance and reduced installation footprint often makes it a perfect solution. Customizable Load Handler Design allows the use of forks, conveyor decks or custom devices to be used depending upon the weight, size, and physical characteristics of the stored items.

Simply put if you have ever considered or investigated an AS/RS system and found that the capital expenditure and subsequent ROI (return on investment) made the project unfeasible, you owe it to your organization to investigate the Mid-Load AS/RS system.

Features of the Mid-Load Automated Storage and Retrieval System

There is a great deal of unique features of the Mid-Load AS/RS system that make it perfect for so many applications and organizations. Unlike most other AS/RS systems, the Mid-Load AS/RS is able to store and retrieve a wide range of mediums including pallets, custom pallets, cases, trays, non-standard shapes, drawer and shelf pallet bins, wired mesh bins, metal racks, stack racks and much more. Additional Mid-Load AS/RS features include:

  • Inventory is always accessible
  • Redundant crane is available for mission critical applications
  • Availability of off-the-shelf parts for added reliability
  • Ability to expand and move the system
  • Unique flexible design handles all types of loads
  • AMR, AGV, AGC and conveyor interface for flexible solution handling
  • Reduces training costs with intuitive controls
  • Rapid delivery & deployment

Benefits of the Mid-Load AS/RS System

The benefits of the Mid-Load automated storage and retrieval system are based on the system’s simplicity and flexibility. Unlike other crane AS/RS systems, the Mid-Load AS/RS does not require an embedded track or rail. The crane runs on the surface of your facility.

  • Up to 85% space savings
  • Cost effectiveness for fast ROI
  • Fast and easy installation (no embedded track to deal with)
  • Reduces labor by up to 2/3
  • 100% accessibility regardless of the situation
  • Improves productivity and throughput
  • Protects inventory
  • Flexible design handles all types of loads
  • Low cost of ownership

Applications for a Mid-Load AS/RS System

The flexibility and cost effectiveness of a Mid-Load AS/RS system makes it ideal in a wide range of applications. From manufacturing to distribution to retail, the reliability makes it a perfect tool to optimize your space and labor requirements.

  • Assembly
  • Buffering
  • High Density Storage
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Queuing
  • Sequencing
  • Staging
  • Work-in-Progress

Options & Accessories for the Mid-Load AS/RS System

The Mid-Load automated storage and retrieval system is designed to meet your business case and financial requirements. Modular design and construction allow the system to be rapidly deployed, moved, grown, and reconfigured as your business requirements change.

  • A wide range of controls and software to meet every organizations needs
  • Redundant back up crane to virtually eliminate downtime
  • Conveyor, AGV or AMR integration
  • Integrated scanning systems to track and report

Why Conveyco Is Best Equipped to Help You with Your Mid-Load and AS/RS Solutions

Conveyco has over 40 years of providing warehouse and AS/RS solutions to leading organizations. Our vast experience and deep networks allow us to offer virtually all AS/RS systems found around the world. We help our customers by analyzing the RightFIT solution for their exact needs.

We provide our customers the Freedom of Choice to fully understand their options and best possible solutions for their exact needs. We utilize our seven step RightFIT methodology to fully determine your organization’s application, business case, and financial requirements.

Have a question about the Mid-Load AS/RS system and how it will meet your needs? Please fill in the free consultation form and one of our Solutions Consultants will contact you to discuss and understand your best solution.

Specifications for the Mid-Load AS/RS System

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