Mini Load ASRS

Mini Load AS/RS

Mini Load ASRS – Warehouse Automation

One of the most effective technologies available for case-sized storage and picking is Mini Load ASRS or Automatic Storage and Retrieval System.  Your operation may require storage locations for a large amount of SKUs, but not have the floor space required for traditional carton-flow shelving to provide a pick face for all of these.  Or possibly completed orders need to be buffered, and efficiently released and sequenced to a palletizer or some other value-added process.  A Mini Load ASRS solution may be exactly what you need.  Mini Loads can even be used to automatically replenish pick locations like carton-flow.

A Mini Load ASRS utilize a high speed, automatic crane that traverses a very narrow aisle of tall rack placing and retrieving appropriate cases or totes based on real-time operational requirements.  These aisles can be 30′-40’ tall or even higher, and be as short as 50’ or as long as 300’ or more.  A customer can utilize a single aisle or many depending on the storage, rate and building requirements.  There are many options that can be maximized to properly suit the application based on the product characteristics, rates, storage quantities, building structure, and constraints, etc. In general, Mini Load ASRS can achieve case rates of up to 100 cases per hour per aisle depending on the application.

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