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A Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is a vertical automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS). It is comprised of trays in the front and back and an inserter/extractor system that runs down the center. Trays are automatically retrieved and delivered to a pick window for picking. When complete the inserter/extractor will retrieve and store the tray in either the designated position or will automatically assign a position based on using the least amount of space or fastest/slowest accessibility (all user defined). It’s modular design and construction make it easy to modify and change heights, locations and pick windows at any time.

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VLMs are an ideal for maximizing vertical cube up to 85% while providing access to hundreds and thousands of SKUs. Trays can be used for cases, totes and large items or utilized with partitions and dividers to create a tremendous number of SKU position or cells on one tray. Integrated pick-to-light, augmented vision and laser pointers can be used to assure 99.99+% accuracy and throughput.

VLMs are equipped with basic internal controls and inventory handling management system.  Trays can be stored based on utilization, size, weight or another custom parameter you might have. The system can also be told to cube or maximize its density to find additional storage space. In this case every tray is automatically measured and then stored to create more storage capacity… automatically.

Likewise, every VLM or group of VLMs can be easily integrated into WMS and WES software systems for maximum optimization.

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Why a VLM AS/RS Makes Sense for your Operation

Optimizing vertical cube, floor to ceiling available space, has never been easier. Whether you are utilizing a single VLM for basic storage or number of VLMs integrated for order fulfillment, consolidation or buffering requirements saving up to 85% of your existing floor space and increasing productivity by 2/3 helps systems create a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Vertical Lift Module Features

Conveyco Vertical Lift Module Systems provide the richest selection of pre and post installation features available and are designed to provide maximum productivity, throughput, ergonomics and accuracy available.

  • Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) and robotic integration available
  • Quick ship 30 day delivery is available
  • Heights up to 98 feet tall
  • Handles multiple weight capacity trays in one unit and up to 2200 lbs. per tray
  • Height can be modified pre and post installation
  • Dual-tray delivery available
  • Up to six access openings per unit
  • Handles a wide range of inventory sizes, weights, and characteristics

Vertical Lift Module Benefits

VLMs provide some of the greatest benefits for investment in warehouse automation. A VLMs flexibility helps assure that the investment will handle today’s and tomorrow’s requirements. Incorporating VLMs in an order fulfillment operation can:

  • Increase up to 2/3 productivity
  • Save up to 85% of wasted floor space
  • Can reduce labor requirements by 67%
  • 99.9+% accuracy levels
  • 100% ergonomic access
  • Quick ship availability creates flexibility
  • Easy software integration can improve your system and entire operations performance

Vertical Lift Module Applications

VLMs provide space, labor, and efficiency benefits to aid organizations in a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Order Fulfillment
  • Order Consolidation
  • Buffer Storage
  • Returns Handling
  • MRO (maintenance repair operations)
  • Work in Progress
  • Special Environment Storage
  • Batch Picking

Vertical Lift Module Options & Accessories

The Vertical Lift Module’s flexibility allows other technologies to be easily integrated with the VLMs to provide even greater performance capabilities. Notable technologies include:

  • Augmented Vision – Operators are guided by wearing AI glasses to the exact pick, quantity, and item verification.
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots – AMRs can be integrated to transport items or trays to the next workstation or items brought to VLMs to complete an order.
  • Integrated Robotics – Robotic arms can be integrated to eliminate the human element of picking.
  • WES Software – Easy and flexible WES software can be integrated to provide additional picking and facility efficiencies.
  • Pick-to-Light – Pick and put to light systems can be utilized to hit 99.9+% accuracy levels while increasing productivity.
  • Folding Table for Manual Full Tray Extraction
  • Transport Carts
  • Up to Six Access Openings Per Unit
  • ESD Model Available
  • Cooler / Freezer Configurations to -25 *C
  • Class 1.000 -100.000 / ISO Class 6-8 Clean Room Applications
  • Heated Units to +60 degrees C
  • Controlled Atmosphere (5% relative humidity / 10% relative humidity)
  • Conveyor, Weigh Scales, Scanners, RFID, and many other technologies can be utilized to create a total system solution.

Vertical Lift Module Specifications

Unit Dimensions:

  • Width 5.2 to 14.4 ft (1.580 to 4.380 mm)
  • Depth 7.6 to 14.1 ft (2.312 to 4.292 mm)
  • Height 834 to 98.6 ft (2.550 to 30.050 mm)

Unit Height Pitch 3.94 in. steps (100 mm)

Tray Dimensions:

Width4.1 to 13.3 ft (1.250 to 4.050 mm)
Depth2 to 2.8 ft (610 to 1.270 mm)
Tray Adjustment Pitch1 in. (25 mm)
Tray Pitch3 in. (75 mm)
Maximum LoadUp to 2,200 lbs. (100 kg)

Performance Data:

  • Vertical Speed is adjustable up to 6.6 ft/second (2.0 m/s)
  • Storage / Retrieval Speed is adjustable up to 7.5 ft/second (0.7 m/s)
  • Unit Maximum Load 147.7/246.6 Ibs. (67 /120 tons)

Why Work With Conveyco

Conveyco provides decades of experience and RightFIT™ systems methodology to an application and facility solution. By diving into the data and business requirements (see RightFIT methodology) Conveyco does not look at a situation and figure out how to make a technology work, but the opposite. Conveyco looks for the best solution regardless of the technology and/or process(es). Many times, the best solution is a blend of improved processes and multiple integrated technologies… this is what separates Conveyco solutions from a materials handling dealer.

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