Automated Packaging

Automated Packaging

Order Fulfillment is sometimes referred to as a “Pick and Pack” operation. When you consider the amount of time required to pack an order as a percentage of total order cycle time, you will see that packing an order cost as much as picking an order. That’s why Conveyco integrates the packing process and packaging automation into our order fulfillment systems.

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Packing and packaging are an important part of the fulfillment process because of its costs and it is the final interaction with your customer. A damaged or poorly packed order can impact your company negatively and result in higher inventory, freight, and labor costs. It can also result in lost customers and a damaged reputation. Many companies know the pitfalls and costs associated with order errors and compensate for additional labor to minimize errors and customer complaints.

Automated Packaging is more important now than it has been before. Due to Dimensional Weight charges, companies are looking at how they are packaging product in order to become more efficient and optimized in order to save on shipping costs.

Dimensional Weight, also known as DIM Weigh, is the newest way to measure freight. It used to be only about the weight of the package, but now it is about the size of the package. Freight companies, such as FedEx and UPS were losing on truck space because packages were much larger than the items in them. So in order for them to see a return on shipping they need to change the way they measured these packages, now forcing companies to focus on Automated Packaging.

Focus areas before choosing Automated Packaging:

  • Know your product
  • How will you be picking and packing orders?
  • What type of Warehouse Execution Software (WES) are you using?
  • Identify costs of areas for improvement

Your typical shipping automation system will take the carton dimensions, check weight, and label. This allows to move packages flawlessly through the system and assure accurate shipping rates. Automating this process will not only save you money on shipping but help ensure the accuracy of orders and optimize picking.

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