Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Proof of Concept (POC) Program


Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can be leveraged in order picking, sortation, replenishment, consolidation, and many other applications. AMRs provide order fulfillment operations a path to reduce labor costs, streamline workflows, and increase efficiency and productivity in a modular way. Some operations may be reluctant, however, to invest in implementing a full AMR fleet or system without proof that such a system will work well for their operation.

Conveyco’s Proof of Concept Program for AMRs allows organizations the ability to conceptualize, emulate, and validate how an AMR system would perform in their operation prior to fully committing to the entire system. 

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The program involves designing a custom, full-size AMR system for your operation, and then scaling it down to a single module to be implemented within your facility for testing purposes. Once implemented and live, this module will provide data and validation for the full system’s processes, equipment requirements, and design. 

The AMR POC module will detail the system’s components, design, processes, output data, schedule, validation process, and cost schedule. Because the vast majority of resources required to implement a full AMR system are also required to implement the POC system, if it is ultimately decided that you will implement the full system, you are likely to enjoy faster implementation times.

Why an AMR POC Makes Sense For Your Operation

If you are interested in implementing autonomous mobile robots in your warehouse, distribution center, or order fulfillment operation but don’t have the buy-in required to secure that investment, the AMR proof of concept program from Conveyco is an excellent way of validating the value of the system and building confidence internally. 


The Conveyco Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Proof of Concept program is designed to guide an operation in determining whether or not AMRs are the best solution for meeting its business needs. As such, it is defined by the following features:

  • Analysis of your operation’s throughput, labor and business case
  • Emulation based analysis
  • POC system is fully optimized to your unique workflows
  • Modular design for testing is easily expanded to full facility once value is proven
  • A range of system types and functions available for your operation’s unique needs


Utilizing AMRs in your warehouse or fulfillment center can help you realize a range of benefits:

  • Flexibility to handle a range of product types and applications
  • Dramatically reduce labor costs 
  • Decreased order processing time
  • Increased order accuracy and fewer errors
  • Reduced travel time and worker fatigue
  • Increased throughput rates

The primary benefit of utilizing Conveyco’s AMR proof of concept program is that it allows you to conceptualize, emulate, and validate the value that AMRs might bring to your operation—before you commit to implementing a full system. Additionally, the vast majority of resources developing a POC are usable.


AMRs can be leveraged in a variety of order fulfillment environments in order to support a range of applications, including:

  • Order Picking
  • Replenishment
  • Consolidation
  • Transportation
  • Storage & Retrieval
  • Returns Processing
  • Cross-docking
  • Kitting
  • Palletizing

Why Work With Conveyco

As one of the premiere systems integrators in North America, Conveyco has access to the very best technologies and manufacturers in the world. This allows us to focus solely on our the needs and requirements of our clients, and not quotas or factory capacities. Our loyalty is always on delivering the best possible solution for our clients—never to the manufacturer or technology.

We’ve been designing, modifying, and optimizing order fulfillment operations for our clients since the 1980s, giving us more than 40 years of experience that we leverage every single day in support of our clients. 

Through our 7-step RightFIT Methodology, we’ll tailor a solution that addresses all of your order fulfillment needs. If the results of the AMR POC program determine that AMRs would not be a good fit for your operation, or that the realized benefits are not worth the investment, we’ll help you find a solution that still empowers you to reach your goals—whether that includes AMRs or a different technology or solution altogether.

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