TiltSort-Bot Sortation Putwall AMR


The TiltSort-Bot Sortation Putwall AMR order sortation has never been easier and more flexible than the TiltSort family of AMRs. Modularity and flexibility make this system perfect for fulfillment and distribution centers from small backrooms and warehouses to BOPIS, 3PLs and manufacturing environments, the TiltSort-Bot is available in multiple sizes and styles including crossbelt and tilt tray. They can accommodate small items, parcels, ecommerce retail, store orders, replenishment and many other applications.

Based on today’s requirements of agility, high-speed, reliability and rapid return on investment, this robotic AMR system allows hundreds to thousands of open orders to be managed and filled efficiently. The TiltSort-Bot AMR runs on a two-level track with totes, cartons, gaylords, or any other containers around the peripheral. Simple induction stations allow operators to place an item on a waiting AMR barcode facing up. The camera automatically scans the barcode and the software directs the AMR bot to its destination. The robot’s controls system, plans the fastest route and acts as the traffic manager to assure rapid order completion.

Orders are simply sent to the next zone, or area ,when completed and new orders are inducted for a constant workflow. Because of the rapid deployment ability of the system, you purchase the system size you need today, reducing CAPEX demand. Adding to the system is as easy as increasing the track size, induction stations and TiltSort-Bots. Leasing plans to meet peak demand are available.

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When should you consider a TiltSort-Bot for your operation?

Whether you require parcel sortation or ecommerce order fulfillment, the TiltSort-Bot system’s ability to be rapidly deployed and flexibility in size eliminates the need for putwalls and resource demanding crossbelt and tilt tray conveyor systems.

No single point of failure helps assure reliability. TiltSort-Bot systems dramatically reduce floor space and labor requirements while increasing accuracy, throughput and capacity. The system is literally on wheels with no fixed infrastructure or permitting required. The modularity allows for planned, permanent, or quick set-up and tear down applications.


System flexibility is unique and provides distinct advantages including:

  • Handle a wide range of products including apparel, shoe boxes, general merchandise, groceries, shipping bags, parcels, boxes, fragile items and much more
  • Expand and contract the system as needed
  • Rapid deployment
  • Move and change system quickly
  • Unit or parcel sortation applications can be done in one system simultaneously, waved or in separate dedicated system
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Simple WMS integration
  • Modernize and improve putwall performance levels


The full line of TiltSort-Bot models provides unique and distinct benefits which help set benchmarking performance, profitability and scalability levels.

  • Save up to 75% of floor space
  • Minimize CAPEX and provide full asset utilization
  • Often 40% to 50% lower acquisition cost
  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reduce labor by up to 2/3
  • No single point of failure
  • Flexibility helps assure useful longevity
  • Rapid deployment available
  • Expand by adding bots and system as needed


The TiltSort-Bot system’s flexibility and scalability provides large number of applications:

  • Order consolidation
  • Parcel sortation
  • Omnichannel fulfillment
  • BOPIS (Buy Online and Pick-Up in Store)
  • Returns
  • Replenishment
  • Store replenishment
  • Order fulfillment
  • Kitting

Options & Accessories

  • Available as capital purchase, leasing or RaaS (robots as a service)
  • Crossbelt or Tilt Tray models
  • A wide variety and customized trays available
  • Handles heavy duty to small items and pouches
  • Weigh and measure items automatically
  • Integrate with an auto-bagger for automatic picking and shipping
  • Utilize robotic arm picking to eliminate labor
  • A-Frame integration for high-speed automatic picking
  • Chutes and accessories to handle all styles of fragile items


TiltSort-Bot Specifications Chart

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