Accumulation Conveyor

Accumulation Conveyor

The Accumulation Conveyor is an integral piece in the design of today’s modern distribution systems. This conveyor allows for the buffering of work between various processes as the rate of production can often vary from the rate of consumption. This is especially true in distribution environments where pickers can continue to pick orders to the conveyor system even when the dock workers may be backed up due to trailer change outs or other events that impact loading.

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Conveying materials that are fragile or light in weight can greatly increase the level of difficulty on how this piece of equipment is utilized. To address this, Conveyco is careful to use the right speeds, release modes, and keep product properly edged aligned throughout the entire system. This is especially critical in our fast rate grocery or C-Store applications where you can be handling a 6” case of gum followed by a large case of motor oil or water.

Photo eyes and micro-controllers have aided in the process of making the accumulation conveyor a vital piece of equipment to integrators in the material handling industry. It is imperative to include it and properly apply it in systems where the throughput of the overall operation is critical.

Conveyco offers the widest selection of technologies to selection from given each unique application. These are carefully selected and expertly engineered to maximize the efficiency of the overall operation.

Some Applications for Accumulation in System Design:

  • Buffering product between order selection and order assembly
  • Merging multiple conveyors into a single stream
  • Loading conveyors for route delivery or building orders from multiple areas
  • Smoothing irregularities between processes in an operation

Types of Accumulation Conveyors:

  • Minimal Pressure Accumulation
  • Zero Pressure Accumulation
  • True Non-Contact Accumulation

Release Modes:

  • Singulation
  • Slug
  • Auto Slug

Within today’s warehouse automation systems, it is not unusual for material handling solutions to require buffers for a variety of purposes. It is critical that upstream production is not impacted when downstream processing cannot absorb the flow of product at the rate it is fed. This is what accumulation conveyor accomplishes.
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