Case Conveyor Systems

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Case Conveyor Systems

Sortation is the process of identifying unique cases, also known as cartons, on a conveyor system and diverting them to specific destinations using a variety of devices controlled by task-specific software. Sorters are applied to different applications depending on product type and required rate.

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A high-level summary of Case Conveyor Systems is as follows:

Sorter TypeDirectionMax Rate Range   (cpm)Handling Considerations
90० Belt TransferBidirectional15-20Firm flat bottoms, evenly weighted
PusherSingle20-30All carton qualities
Pop-up WheelSingle50-60Medium length, firm flat bottoms, evenly weighted
Narrow BeltBidirectional50-100Most carton types & weights
Sliding ShoeBidirectional200-300Most carton types & weights

In a distribution center, case conveyor is used in different areas of the operation:


When trailer loads of mixed SKU’s are received, having a receiving system is helpful removing cases from the trailer and then sorting the cartons by SKU so they can be palletized with one touch prior to being put away in reserve storage.


In split case picking when there are many different areas to be picked from, a sorter is used to route cartons/totes to only the zones where an order has picks. This maximizes the productivity of pickers by only touching orders that have picks in their zone. Not to mention it also shortens order cycle time.


A sorter can be used to consolidate multiple tote orders to the same pack station to be packed into the same shipping carton or the sorter can be used to route split case order to specific types of packing tasks based on the type of shipping container required such as poly-bags, cartons, gift wrapping, etc.


A sorter can be used to consolidate full case picks and split case picks to the same lane so they can be palletized together for shipment or loaded directly onto a trailer to maximize the cube being shipped.

Conveyco has been delivering sortation systems for clients for over 35 years. We couple that experience with the ability to tailor our solutions to the specific needs of your operation to provide what we call the RightFit solution.
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