Overhead Trolley Conveyor System

Overhead Trolley Conveyor System

Powered overhead trolley conveyor systems have a wide array of uses in manufacturing and distribution operations. There are multiple styles of powered and non-powered systems that are tailored toward certain industries and applications given their specific strengths.

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Some examples of where overhead rail technology can help improve operations:

  • Delivery of empty corrugated cartons or totes through picking or packing
  • Takeaway of trash from picking areas and transport to balers or compactors
  • Handling of garments on hanger (GOH)
  • Sortation of garment on hanger (GOH) trolleys
  • Sortation of individual garments on hanger (GOH)
  • Hanging of goods through paint line applications
  • Handling of heavy parts through manufacturing operations

Powered overhead conveyor systems are simple with few components. Typically a chain will ride in an enclosed track. This chain supports hangers to which secondary fixtures, hangers, trolleys, or wire baskets can hang to accommodate the specific operation. These systems are installed in a closed loop configuration and can be powered by one drive depending upon the total chain pull and loading on the system. Multiple drives can support longer loops and the drives are synchronized to work in tandem.

There are variations on the overhead rail design. Power and Free is a version of overhead rail that uses a powered track atop a nonpowered trolley track. Trolleys are connected to multiple hangers via a load bar. The trolleys connect to the top power chain and are pushed through the system via a “power dog”. At points along the system the drive dog can be disengaged and allowed to stall on the free and others will accumulate through the area.
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