Overhead Trolley Conveyor System

Overhead Trolley Conveyor System

Overhead Trolly Conveyor is a simple and cost-effective way to bring items to workstations or locations spread out around your facility. They can be useful to bring corrugate, totes, parts, heavy pieces, hanging garments, and many other items.

Overhead Trolly Conveyor Systems will optimize a facility’s otherwise wasted overhead vertical space. The conveyor utilizes straight runs, curved, and sloped sections and sometimes elevators to convey parts to the desired work area or zone. Overhead Trolly Conveyor allows product and materials to be conveyed over heavy traffic areas, robotic cells, and other areas not beneficial to human traffic and eliminates floor mounted conveyor.

The system’s pendants can be designed with great flexibility to carry a wide array of products. Simple gravity rail can be used to manually transport garments or multiple items on a trolley. Enclosed powered track can be used to pull many trolleys over great distances on a single drive and I-beam overhead conveyors can be used to transport heavy items both manually and powered.

Powered overhead trolly conveyor is designed utilizing several major components including: a drive that moves a chain through the track and all the curves, a take-up system that keeps the chain stretched tight at all times, and electrical controls. The controls can be as simple as an on and off motor starter, to a variable speed controller, to a programmable logic controller with or without a PC, WES software or host system.

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Why overhead trolly conveyor systems makes sense for your operations

Customers who have complex layouts and require many items to be spread across multiple stations can benefit from overhead conveyor systems. They are an economical way to transport and store corrugated, heavy items, and hanging garments. Overhead trolly conveyor is flexible enough to span multiple floors, quiet operation, and saves floorspace for high-valued operations.

Features of overhead trolly conveyor

The wide array of overhead conveyor styles and models available provide a vast number of unique features and qualities to handle a wide variety of products.

  • Tracks come in round, enclosed and I-Beam designs
  • Speeds vary from ultra-slow assembly line speeds, to 120 Feet Per Minute or greater
  • 480v motors paired with VFDs allow a wide range of drive options and speeds
  • Take-up sections allow for chain oiling, stretch maintenance and tension
  • Simple machines with 99.9% uptime

Benefits of overhead trolly conveyor

The benefits of overhead conveyors are vast but are also dependent on a specific operation.

  • Reduces forklift traffic, labor, floorspace, and machines
  • Allows for easy inspection of production line goods
  • Pendants can be custom made to best suit specific operations and requirements
  • Brings corrugated from distant areas of the warehouse to common points for packing

Applications of overhead trolly conveyor

Overhead trolly conveyors have a wide array of applications. Each type is designed with a specific application in mind and the pendant design and track system flow are just some of the important design criteria.

  • Assembly line inspection and or processes
  • Empty corrugate accumulation and transportation
  • Heavy equipment movement
  • Garment on hanger conveyance

Why Conveyco Makes Sense

Conveyco has been applying the RightFIT conveyor to order fulfillment systems for over 40 years. Our engineering department can apply conveyor creatively to minimize capital expense while keeping the system functioning as one cohesive unit. There is a fine line between minimizing costs without giving away functionality. Each situation is different, and Conveyco knows where conveyor capital is best spent, and where the opportunities for value engineering exist.

Conveyco has spent decades building relationships with the best in breed conveyor lines to allow a wide array of tools curated to pick the manufacturers that best fit each application.

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