Pallet Handling System


Pallet handling can help increase the efficiency of both distribution and manufacturing operations by automating functions that usually require dedicated forklift operators. Just like with case conveyor application the success of the system is dependent upon the proper selection and engineering of the right equipment into each element of the system.

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Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR)

Designed to handle pallets, slave boards, or drums CDLR is designed with heavy duty structural side frames to handle the capacity required. The output of the motor’s drive shaft delivers power to rollers at the conveyor surface. Power is then transferred to subsequent rollers via series of chains connecting power from the driven rollers to those rollers that are powered from them. To accumulate, individual single zone powered sections can be used or longer sections with clutches that engage and disengage drive can be utilized.

Drag Chain

When the orientation of a pallet is important, drag chain is the solution. Multiple strands of chain are used to move pallets along the conveyor surfaces. A single shaft is used to deliver power from the motor to the multiple stands along the surface. These strands are captured within guide tracks to keep the chains captured and vertical as they convey and return around the end pulls over and under each section of each strand.

Transfer Cars

Transfer cars are used to traverse a linear path often to stop and service multiple stations. Typically used in palletizing operations, transfer cars can have multiple load positions on the vehicle each with its own independently driven powered sections of the conveyor. One can be used to deposit a new pallet while retrieving a completed load from a palletizing cell. Single position cars can be used in lower rate application when required.
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