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Conveyco Creates Unique Order Fulfillment Solutions

Retrieving items from their storage locations to fill customer orders, order selection is a critical component of the material handling process. There is no one size fits all order fulfillment solution that will be effective for every type of operation. Every business, every operation is unique in its own way.

Conveyco focuses on discovering those unique aspects of your company, and we find ways to lower costs and improve order quality for your unique operation. We design the RightFIT for each client. We call this visualization of order fulfillment solutions.

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Full Case Picking System - Conveyco Technologies Inc

Full Case Order Picking System

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Full Case Picking - Pick Module _ Conveyco Technologies Inc

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Every aspect and task of the operation are individually analyzed to create an operational map. The map becomes the plan we use to apply technologies for the RightFIT.

At Conveyco, determining the RightFIT solutions for our clients includes the following:

  • A full process review to identify the unique aspects of your business
  • A historical review of product patterns and order patterns, such as:
    • Finding typical order profiles
    • Identifying exceptional order profiles
    • Analyzing SKU cubic velocity
    • Identifying product classes (frozen, chemical, fragile, secure, etc.)
    • Planning for business growth by segment, division, and/or product
  • Creating stock replenishment models
  • Reviewing inventory levels and forecasting future levels

Accuracy and precision are no accident with a Conveyco Order Fulfillment Solution

Conveyco builds order fulfillment systems with an extraordinary standard of operational and engineering best practices. We apply those practices to our client’s unique requirements. We are not tied to any specific technology, and that allows us greater flexibility to design a system for you with just the right combination of technologies to meet your needs. We review multiple technologies for each client, including pick to light, pick to voice, mini load ASRS, carousel, and other hybrid automation.

Conveyco order fulfillment systems provide our clients with many benefits:

  • Lower overall cost per item picked, packed, and shipped
  • Help you to reduce labor costs associated with picking, replenishing, and packing
  • Increase your order fulfillment capacity, which allows for later cut off times for placing orders and allows for same day shipment.
  • Help to free up valuable floor space
  • Eliminate customer charge backs due to compliance or fulfillment errors
  • Increase customer service and satisfaction.

Our goal is to help you achieve 100% order accuracy and 100% delivery performance.
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