A-Frame Universal Product Dispenser

A-Frame Dispenser Order Fulfillment

The A-Frame Universal Product Dispenser provides the high-speed automated picking of an A-Frame without the rigid requirements of what can be properly dispensed. Items in bags, soft plastic, foil bags and virtually any other material and form factor can be dispensed eliminating labor while increasing throughput.

Each row of the A-Frame Universal Product Dispenser stores one SKU type. Items are placed in each pocket within the row. As an order is being fulfilled, items are dispensed onto a moving belt conveyor in the center. The dispenser speed allows an order’s contents to be dispensed on a designated belt space. As the order comes out of the system, it moves on an incline conveyor and into a batch station’s pre-positioned tote. The totes are then routed to the next workstation, packing or shipping location.

Picking labor is eliminated since this system utilizes replenishers who can restock-products in the system at 3 to 4 times the rate of an order picker. Redundant sensors and scales assure the correct item and quantity of items are in each order.

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Why an A-Frame Universal Product Dispenser Makes Sense for your Operation

The A-Frame Universal Product Dispenser helps eliminate labor while increasing order accuracy and system throughput. An item’s form factor and characteristics are almost irrelevant as long as the inventory fits in the pocket. Pockets come in a myriad of sizes to accommodate a wide range of inventory.


  • Integrates with virtually any other manual and automated picking system
  • Orders placed in totes and easily routed to the next zone or workstation
  • Redundant checking to assure accuracy


The A-Frame Universal Product Dispenser provides tremendous benefits when automating such as:

  • Eliminates picking labor
  • Flexible design accommodates changing inventory
  • Up to 1500 orders per hour
  • Accuracy levels to 99.9%


The A-Frame Universal Product Dispenser works well in a variety of applications and industries including:

  • Omnichannel
  • Ecommerce
  • Order fulfillment
  • Store replenishment
  • High-speed order picking

Options & Accessories

  • Integrated scales and sensors to assure accuracy
  • WES software to assure proper host communications and fastest order fulfillment
  • Variety of order tote sizes available


Universal Product Table

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