Put to Light Systems


Put-to-Light systems are an effective automated sortation method to break larger quantities of product into individual customer orders, using light devices to direct operations to “put” items.

Sometimes the Put-to-Light approach is referred to as “scan and sort”. Products are typically batch picked beforehand and brought to a put station. Operators scan bar codes on individual products, then lights will light up on any individual customer orders requiring that product.

Put to Light systems can be integrated with shelving, flow rack (both sides for picking and consolidation), horizontal carousels, Vertical Lift Modules  (VLMs), pick carts, putwalls, AMR systems and much more.

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Why a Put to Light System Makes Sense for your Operation

Put-to-Light systems normally are easy to implement and operate which can be used in many different operations and order fulfillment processes to achieve a high level of order accuracy, efficiency and reliability at an affordable investment.


The main key of Put-to-Light is its simplicity and versatility. It can be used in a fixed structure or in a mobile material handling equipment with ease and quick deployment.

  • Multi-Color Displays
  • Order Displays on Front and/or Back of MHE
  • Continuous Fulfillment or Batch Order Flow
  • Different Scanning Options
  • Easy & Simple to Implement
  • Flexible with Low Maintenance
  • High Productivity
  • Flexible and Expandable works equally well standalone or integrated with other technologies


In the right application light-directed sortation is visual, intuitive and convenient to use. Operators can be trained in hours vs. the days required for other manual or automated solutions. Simplicity is key contributor to a Put-to-Light system’s success. In addition to increased sortation rates and order accuracy, Put-to-Light systems can potentially respond to daily volume changes with greater agility than more complex solutions. Full project ROI is often achieved quickly.

  • Faster sortation rates, offers an average increase of 40% over paper or RF methods
  • 9+% Accuracy Rates
  • Shorter Order Cycle Times
  • Optimizes cross-docking or flow through when full cases must be split
  • Reduced Employee Training Time
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Lower operational cost through reduced labor, errors, rework or chargebacks
  • Space efficient, easily adding capacity to facilities with limited space
  • Cost effective method of Automation
  • Fast ROI (Return on Investment) improves accuracy and productivity while reducing labor


Successful Pack-to-Light implementation by retailers effectively manages flow-through sortation processes throughout multiple DC’s in larger supply chain networks. Often found in batch picking operations, Put-to-Light is often utilized in direct-to-consumer eCommerce or catalog fulfillment as the high number of SKUs and wide variance in SKU velocity preclude deploying a forward pick line or the cost of automating each pick face with Pick-to-Light is prohibitive. Most Put-to- Light products can also be integrated with other automated systems and technologies.

  • eCommerce Order Fulfillment
  • Returns Processing
  • Batch Pick Sortation
  • Wave Pick Sortation
  • Retail Store Replenishment Order Fulfillment
  • Putaway
  • Kitting
  • Order Consolidation


  • Input voltage: 24V DC (10 ~ 27V DC)
  • Power consumption: 0,8W (Typical: LED: red, text: “1234”, default intensity)
  • Numeric 7-segment LED’s: 4 digits, 14mm height, color: red
  • Location light 21mm: Multi Color (RGB)
  • Switch lifetime: >1.7 Million cycles
  • Five function keys with back light: +, -, F, C, I
  • Serial interface: LIN, 1 wire
  • Communication via Distribution protocol
  • Configurable 2-byte hardware address
  • Connector: piercing contacts for 3-core cable
  • Housing: Molded plastic (ABS)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 146,4 x 39,7 x 26,1mm (53/4 x 19/16 x 1 in)
  • Weight: 56g (0.12 lbs.)
  • Operating environment: 0~50°C (32~122°F), 10~95% RH non-condensing
  • Approvals: CE

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Conveyco’s expertise in Logistics Automation Solutions will help any customer determine the best Put-to-Light concept and solution as well as the most efficient set-up to maximize the Put-to-Light productivity and labor output.

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