Augmented Vision for Picking, Carts, Replenishment & Put Wall Applications

Augmented Feature

Augmented vision order picking is the next generation of wearable technology poised to disrupt the order fulfillment industry by optimizing the order picking process. Augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence, and computer vision are integrated into a single device to provide visual instructions to the worker, enhancing productivity and reducing errors. It is also sometimes referred to as augmented vision order picking.

In augmented vision order picking, the worker wears AR glasses. Through these glasses, they see a virtual pick-to-light system overlaid on real-world pick locations or pick slots. Visual and audio cues guide the worker to locate, retrieve, scan, and fulfill each order accurately, every single time. Constant barcode scanning with computer vision, and interpretation of context through AI, deliver optimized steps and workflows to efficiently complete tasks.

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The Conveyco augmented vision system provides the benefits of traditional lights without the maintenance and time-consuming infrastructure and installation costs. Controlled by the New DawnTM WES module, it can easily be integrated with existing WMS software. The technology provides operations with the flexibility to move the system anywhere within an operation—and at anytime. This enables organizations to reduce their cost of ownership, extending the life of the warehouse and increase the efficiency and satisfaction of their frontline workforce.

Why Leverage Augmented Vision in Your Order Fulfillment Operation

Implementing an augmented vision order picking strategy within your warehouse or distribution center allows for smarter order fulfillment, empowering your operation to accelerate picking through clear, easy-to-follow guidance. Throughput is streamlined, workflows optimized, and productivity increased.


When selecting an augmented vision picking system, look for the following features, all of which come standard for systems provided by Conveyco:

  • Visual and audio cues guide worker to locate, retrieve, scan, and fulfill each order
  • Integration with existing automation, WMS, and IoT tools
  • Artificial intelligence optimizes workflow
  • Simple training can take place in under 15 minutes
  • Ability to easily move, reconfigure, and add locations 
  • Ability to design and deploy customized workflows
  • Supports multiple languages


By utilizing an augmented vision order picking system in your warehouse or fulfillment center, you can realize a number of benefits:

  • A more natural interaction with complex data and automation
  • Workers are empowered with cutting-edge tools to confidently do their jobs
  • Ability to rapidly create a pick or put system anywhere in your operation
  • Streamline throughput, optimize workforce operations, and reduce worker fatigue
  • Lower investment than pick-to-light or pick-to-voice systems
  • $0 cost to expand to new locations within your facility
  • Staff training can be completed in under 15 minutes
  • Increased throughput rates (+20%)
  • Decreased order processing time
  • Increased order accuracy and fewer errors
  • Reduced manual labor costs associated with picking
  • Minimal maintenance compared to traditional pick-to-light or pick-to-voice systems


An augmented vision picking system can be leveraged in a variety of order fulfillment environments in order to support a range of unique applications, including:

  • Order Picking & Processing
  • Replenishment & Put Walls 
  • Returns Processing

Why Work With Conveyco

As one of the premiere systems integrators in North America, Conveyco has access to the very best technologies and manufacturers in the world. This allows us to focus solely on our the needs and requirements of our clients, and not quotas or factory capacities. Our loyalty is always on delivering the best possible solution for our clients—never to the manufacturer or technology.

We’ve been designing, modifying, and optimizing order fulfillment operations for our clients since the 1980s, giving us more than 40 years of experience that we leverage every single day for our clients. We’ll help you understand all of the options available to help you streamline your order picking and replenishment processes, whether that involves augmented vision or some different solution entirely. 

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