Carousel Systems


Carousel Systems, also known as Goods to Person, are highly effective systems, which allow an assortment of products to be located and presented to operators in a stationary location.  This Goods to Person or G2P allows for highly productive pick rates by retrieving goods and bringing them to the operator with little to no error. There are also different configurations that are based Vertically or Horizontally. Carousels save space and saves the time it takes to pick by the racks moving instead of the person searching and picking items from the racks. There have been many advancements in Carousel systems over the past few years which have made this warehouse automation tool easier to install, to scale, and more affordable than in the recent past.

Vertical Carousels

Vertical Carousel Systems rotate clockwise or counterclockwise vertically on the operator’s demand displaying the shelves in a window desired by the picker to attain the items to be picked. The Vertical Carousel also allows that window to be at the height of the operator creating ease of use and less exertion by the operator making the pick process extremely quick and accurate.

Horizontal Carousels

Horizontal Carousel systems are the original carousel system.  A series of bins are supported by moving along a track via a series of yokes.  These bins contain multiple shelves which goods are stored on.  Carousels are arranged into groups of two or more units which become Carousel Pods.

 CarouselInserter/Extractor Goods-to-Person Systems

An Inserter/Extractor unit is a robotic device that can deposit or extract a carton or tote from a shelf in a given carousel.  Typically, in this configuration, the carousels are grouped into “Stacks” of two or more units and the common Inserter/Extractor traverses in a single vertical plane to any carousel in the same vertical stack.

Vertical Lift Modules

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) are modular storage cubes which house trays that are stored and retrieved through an operator window where goods are picked from or replenished to.  The trays are stored on either side of a center column through which a lift platform travels vertically and can extract a tray from the front or rear storage columns.