Print and Apply

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Print and Apply

Print and Apply Labeling Machines are labeling systems that incorporate a thermal transfer print engine to print labels with barcodes and other variable data on a system. This system can apply the label to products such as; bottles, boxes, bags, or even full pallets. This can be utilized for internal routing or for shipments to customers, regardless of the use, applying a label properly for traceability is contingent to most material handling operations.

Parts of a Print and Apply machine:


Media Handling

This stores and positions the media that is to be applied to the object.

Print Engine

The engine feeds media and applies the information of the object to the media at varying speeds. This is normally something to identify the box (like a barcode and/or a colorful label).

Application Mechanism

How the media gets applied to the object is done in many different ways depending on the type of object it is applying a label to. In the picture above there is an air cylinder that comes down and makes contact with the surface of the object to apply the media. Other methods include a servo motor to achieve the same type of action. The media can also be air-blown on, placed on (with a swing arm), or passively adhered to from the object sliding up against it.

User Interface

Calibration of a Print and Apply is performed by the user utilizing a digital interface. From setting the force of the application arm to the size of the media and other calibration, functions are handled by this interface.