Radio Frequency Picking

RF Picking Systems

An RF scanner is a Radio Frequency Scanner which is a wireless handheld device that uses radio frequency wireless network to communicate with software to transfer information throughout the network.

As the name implies, RF Picking requires a Radio Frequency wireless network within the facility. The RF Picking system has a host server that communicates directly with the higher-level Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouse Execution System (WES) or Warehouse Controls System (WCS) to send and receive order information. The information is relayed to the RF terminals that warehouse operators and order pickers use to operate either a RF Gun or wearable device.

The RF device directs an operator to the proper pick location and provides the item description and quantity to pick. After completing the order, the picker sends a confirmation signal to the host signal either by scanning the item with the terminal or manually pressing product identification buttons on the terminal. Once complete, the order status in the host is updated and the next order in the queue is sent through the terminal to the operator.

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Why RF Picking

Radio Frequency (RF) is suitable for manual activities and represents the ideal solution if you are looking for a way of efficiently guiding and managing employees in a warehouse.

RF Features

RF system is an extremely popular, widely used technology in distribution centers and warehouses that have outgrown their paper-based processes. It is easy to deploy and details every step by step activity to the operator.

  • Easy Deployment
  • Detailed step-by-step Instructions
  • Real-Time transactions
  • Mobile
  • Various wearable and fixed designs for every environment
  • Affordability

RF Picking Benefits

Radio Frequency Picking is much more accurate and faster than paper-based systems. The system updates pick information in real time as it relays live transnational data to the host allowing for better information on inventory and Order Fulfillment. RF allows for ultimate flexibility in your picking methodology. The same hardware is used for discrete order picking, Batch Picking or Wave Picking. In addition, moving to an RF Picking network is less of a capital investment when compared to Pick-to-Light or Voice Picking is considered.

  • A Paperless Option
  • Increased Order Accuracy
  • Less Errors
  • Real Time Information
  • Easy Deployment
  • Cost Effective

RF Picking Applications

Radio Frequency (RF) is suitable for manual activities and represents the ideal solution if you are looking for a way of efficiently guiding and managing employees in a warehouse.

  • Incoming Goods Receiving
  • Picking Applications
  • Stock Inventory
  • Product Moving Tracking
  • Shipping and Loading Control
  • Automated Control Systems

Why Conveyco?

Conveyco’s expertise in Logistics Automation Solutions will help any customer determine the best application and the most efficient set-up to maximize the deployment and use of an RF System(s), either as a stand-alone or part of an hybrid solution .

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