Vertical Lift Module VLM


Vertical Lift Module

A Vertical Lift Module VLM is a machine that stores and retrieves items.  Each machine is built to the specifications of the products that are stored, based on size, weight and how often the product is needed.

Ergonomics and Productivity:

One of two reasons that a client will look into a Vertical Lift Module VLM as the RightFit solution is the need to reduce excess time in searching their warehouse and to optimize the picking process.  Housing all your items in one location dramatically reduces the time it takes to physically retrieve items.  A VLM utilizes a Parts-to-Person method instead of the Person-to-Parts process.  The Person-to-Parts Process is cumbersome, time consuming and often a physical strain on employees, especially in circumstances where the items are extremely heavy to retrieve.  A Vertical Lift Module can significantly reduce the amount of reports that are generated for injuries, which can immediately affect the company’s bottom line. Picking accuracy also streamlines every aspect of the Parts-to-Person method.

Space and Storage:

The second reason for installing a VLM is to maximize storage density. The storage system allows the ability to automatically find the right locations for the height of the inventory you are storing in which continually optimizes the warehouse for space savings. Installing just one VLM can recover approximately 85% of wasted floor space or eliminate about 28 bays of static shelving.  This will greatly increase the amount of floor space available leaving room for your business to grow.

Vertical Lift Module VLM

Vertical Lift Module –
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