Voice Picking System or Pick to Voice Solutions

Voice Picking or pick-to-voice, pick by voice or voice directed warehousing, is a technology and process employed to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and throughput of operators (order pickers) in warehouses and distribution centers. The operators are equipped with a device that is integrated into a voice application. The device can be a headset and microphone, cell phone, tablet, etc.

The application’s voice, which is available in multiple languages, directs the picker to the correct location, item, and quantity of the item to pick. The order picker, who is wearing the headset and microphone, simply speaks to confirm they have completed their task. If there was a problem such as the wrong location, shortage, damage, and much more the picker would simply tell the system of the problem and the application would automatically recognize, interpret and update the software as to the current state. The application’s speech recognition helps assure the order and inventory is up to date with every use.

By using voice and the headset, the operator’s hands are available, and their heads and vision are up to assure the operator’s safety and health. A key benefit of voice picking is that it eliminates otherwise costly infrastructure and material handling equipment costs that most other systems require.

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Why Voice Picking or Pick to Voice Will Work for Your Operations

Voice picking systems help improve the processes in your warehouse. The system will automatically provide route optimization to reduce the operators travel time. This solution also speeds up the picking/putting process and reduces errors which helps you generate cost savings and improve customer satisfaction. Voice can be used for a wide range of applications and processes, such as cross-docking, picking and packing, receiving, put-away and cycle counting.

Most distribution centers use voice for multiple picking “styles” based on product attributes, velocity, order profiles, and other factors. Voice can be used for a range of warehouse tasks beyond picking.

Features of Voice Picking

  • Easy to deploy
  • Adjustable to variable environments
  • High confirmation accuracy
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Hands-free technology
  • Eliminates printed pick lists
  • Reduces training requirements
  • Multiple languages available

Benefits of Voice Picking

Voice Picking Technology can scale to match changing business requirements and offers a solution to empower management with greater control, flexibility, and visibility into operations on the floor.

  • Reduces errors with an accuracy level up to 99.9%
  • Increases productivity up to 35%
  • Quick scalability
  • Hands free operation
  • Rapid adoption of automation
  • Management visibility
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Solution flexibility – easily integrates with other systems
  • Reduced training time

Applications Voice Picking Excel In

Thousands of warehouses and distribution centers around the world today use voice for outbound product distribution, direct-to-consumer ecommerce fulfillment, and for parts picking and kitting for production operations. Voice can be used for almost any product type ranging from apparel to nuts and bolts, and including items picked and shipped by weight, or length (wire coil, for example).

  • Order picking and order fulfillment
  • Replenishment
  • Returns
  • Receiving
  • QC and Auditing
  • Truck loading and shipping
  • Packing and consolidation
  • Putaway
  • Cycle count
  • Management

Industries Voice Picking Is Relied On

  • Retail and eCommerce Fulfillment Centers
  • Beverage Wholesalers: Beer, Wine & Spirits, Soft Drinks
  • Grocery and Food Distribution: Fresh, Frozen and Packaged Food
  • Foodservice & Convenience
  • Healthcare Products and Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial, Parts, HVAC and Electrical Supply
  • And many more…

Why Conveyco

Conveyco’s expertise in implementing automated solutions will help any operation determine the best application, layout, and the most efficient set-up to maximize a Voice System implementation to achieve the highest ROI.

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