Wave Picking


Wave Picking

What is Wave Picking?

Wave Picking is assigning waves or groups by way of short interval arrangements and releasing them together. This allows management to sequentially organize multiple tasks easing the process of bulk complex picking. Each order in the wave relies on the criteria used to make the selection. Management will use the data calculated during the pick to determine and schedule labor for each Wave.


What technology is mostly used in Wave Picking?

There are many different pieces of equipment that aid this picking process, in short, wave picking is dependent mostly on the labor force to coordinate and schedule the packaging and shipping of the items picked. Picking many items at the same time speeds up the picking process and Wave Picking is considered one of the fastest methods in the order selection family. Yet it does rely highly on its management and labor to make it successful in warehouse management.

What are the benefits of Wave Picking?

Wave Picking allows management the ability to understand the workload as it pertains to the productivity of the labor. Estimating throughput capacity based on scheduling workforce highs, lows and providing feedback on performance. Evaluating equipment by function and the changes that impact of the methods used. Wave picking can be combined with Batch Picking and/or Zone Picking for some of the most complex of order picking methods to increase the productivity of technology and labor through scheduling of packing and shipping.