Robotic Palletizing

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Robotic palletizing continues to grow in popularity and adds a certain appeal, not only visually but also functionally in an operation. The RightFIT for robotic palletizing needs to be carefully scrutinized before being applied to a specific application. Typically, a robotic palletizing system is the “RightFIT”  when palletizing many different SKUs in an array of shapes and sizes, at a lower rate per SKU.

When applying robotic technology, the work envelope available determines the number of lines which can feed a cell.  A multi-line application is where a single robot can retrieve conveyed products from multiple in-feed lines, which are places to more than one build location.  This location is typically a pallet, yet could be a slave board, slip sheet, or other medium.

Robots can also be sensitive to handle with care containers and a wide range of sensitive product types.  For example, when the container or product being handled is fragile, such as a bag or thin wall tray, the End Of Arm Tool (EOAT) can handle that item with gentle and secure action. In the example of handling bags. This EOAT is often a clamshell style that handles the bag from both top and bottom with an open-type finger design.

The palletizing work cell area can offer a condensed footprint. The robot can be configured to handle the pallet, the product, slip sheets, grip sheets, and other load building mediums in a very tight arrangement which can cut down on occupying expensive floor space.

Robotic palletizing technology can be very appealing in the RightFIT application. Multiple configurations of this technology can be used in a wide range of flexible options. Robotic pallitizers specialize in handling fragile containers and products with care, all within a confined footprint while optimizing efficiency. If you are interested in some more applications and reason to implement palletizing in your warehouse, check out our top indicators.