Stack & Wrap Mixed Layer Palletizing Packstation

Stack & Wrap Semi-Automated Palletizing
Stack & Wrap Semi-Automated Palletizing

Stack & Wrap Mixed Layer Palletizing Packstation

The Stack & Wrap™ Mixed Layer Palletizing Packstation combines ergonomic case handling, state-of-the art stretch wrapping technology and automatic pallet handling to streamline the stacking of pallets with mixed product/packaging for distribution centers.

The Packstation helps build mixed layer pallets up to 5X faster than manual systems and up to 1000 cases/hour/2 operators ergonomically and very efficiently in 33% less floor.

Mixed cases arrive on a product conveyor at the Stack & Wrap Mixed Layer Palletizing Packstation. Operators move inbound cases ergonomically to the right position on the pallet. When a layer is completed, the operator presses a button to lower the pallet so the next layer of products can be stacked. As the pallet goes down with each completed layer, the load is secured by an integrated stretch wrapping unit that is located under the loading tube.

When the pallet is wrapped and completed, the operator presses a button, and the full mixed layered pallet descends onto the pallet conveyor. While the completed pallet is being lowered, a new empty pallet is inserted in the stacking tube so the operator can continue building layers during pallet exchange.

The full pallet is then transported to the outfeed position for the forklift to pick up or automated conveyance. Empty pallets are loaded in stacks at ground level on the infeed conveyor. The empty pallet de-stacking system picks one pallet at a time and feeds it to the waiting position, so that when a full pallet is completed the exchange takes place.

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Why the Stack & Wrap Mixed Layer Palletizing Packstation is Perfect for Your Operation

By automating your pallet stacking and wrapping operations with the modular Stack & Wrap Mixed Layer Palletizing Packstation you will reduce labor and floorspace while increasing your productivity (more cases/hour plus less forklift usage), stacking and wrapping quality, as well as operator safety and ergonomics.

Features of the Stack & Wrap Mixed Layer Palletizing Packstation

The Stack & Wrap Mixed Layer Palletizing Packstation consists of multiple integrated modules designed to improve distribution centers KPIs not previously attainable. The Packstation’s modules include:

  1. Stacking Tube
  2. Stretch Wrapper
  3. Finished Pallet Outfeed Conveyor
  4. Empty Pallets Infeed Conveyor
  5. Empty Pallet De-Stacking System
  6. Safety Fences
  7. Options: additional pallet infeed/outfeed conveyors or AMR systems, mezzanine, stairs
  8. Three models of the Stack & Wrap Mixed Layer Palletizing Packstation are available: for pallets, for roll containers (roll cages) and a combined version

Benefits of the Stack & Wrap Mixed Layer Palletizing Packstation

The Stack & Wrap Mixed Layer Palletizing Packstation provides an integrated system to increase productivity, reliability, quality, and safety of manual stacking operations in warehouses, especially for mixed pallets.

  • 5X increase in productivity:
    • Up to 600 mixed case pallets/hour/1 operator
    • Up to 1000 mixed case pallets/hour/ 2 operators
  • Floor space savings of 33%
  • Reduces labor requirements
  • Increases accuracy levels
  • Improves ergonomics by eliminating strenuous operator bending and stretching
  • Significantly reduces forklift usage (labor and time)
  • Flexibility to integrate with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)
  • Optimizes film usage and reduces costs
  • Quality of the stretch wrapping and load containment is improved
  • Easy to integrate with automated case sorting systems.
  • Allows stacking of taller pallets, compared with manual palletizing.
  • Easily integrates robotics for fully automatic system

Applications for the Stack & Wrap Mixed Layer Palletizing Packstation

The Packstation is used in distribution centers and warehouses, to optimize mixed palletizing and wrapping applications for organizations looking to enhance floor space, labor, quality and accuracy levels.

Why Conveyco Is Your Perfect Solution for Your Mixed Palletization and Wrapping Requirements

The Stack & Wrap Palletizing Packstation for Mixed Layer Pallets by Conveyco is the perfect addition to organizations looking to optimize their case handling systems.  Conveyco can provide your organization a complimentary consultation for your warehouses and distribution centers. The Packstation’s key benefits are an integral part of the solution for an automated warehouse where case handling, sorting and sequencing systems are implemented.

Specifications for the Stack & Wrap Mixed Layer Palletizing Packstation


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