Bombay Sorter

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Bombay Sorter or Flat Sorter

A Bombay Sorter also known as a flat sorter is used for high speed automated sortation of small lightweight items. These items would be too small and light to be handled by a typical conveyor system and included bagged garments, Jewelry, pharmaceuticals, CDs, mail, books, and small parcels.

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Bombay Sorters are typically found in distribution centers that do a lot of direct to consumer operations. The Bombay Sorter handles similar items and operates in the same way that a tilt tray or crossbelt sorter would. Bombay Sorters typically have hundreds of sort location making these sorters rather long. However, they do make good use of space with sort location as close to each other as 18” center to center.

These sorters can be engineered to have curves and designed to fit tight warehouse spaces. On all three of these sorters the item being sorted can either have an operator manually place items on the sorter or have an automated induction system that handles getting the items on the sorter.

Once the items are on the sorter they are then scanned and assigned a location to be sorted to. Unlike the Tilt Tray Sorter and the Crossbelt Sorter the Bombay Sorter items fall through a trap door to arrive at its sorted location, hence the name. The items can be sorted into a chute for further processing or dropped directly into a carton or tote ready to ship to its customer.

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