Cross Belt Sorter

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Cross Belt Sorter

Cross Belt or Loop Sorter is comprised of a chain of many short belt conveyors riding on a track that is on a continuous loop.

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Every single belt carries one item to be sorted. When the item is ready to be discharged the belt will run across the flow of the loop and divert the item to either side of the system. This configuration makes the Cross Belt Sorter a highly efficient mechanism, requiring minimal space for high volume item sortation.

Cross Belt sortation conveyors can be fed by automated induction stations, or by operators manually. Scanners match an item barcode to a belt section and track the item to the correct destination. These sorters often feed customizable chutes that allow a single divert location to create multiple orders. Cross Belt Sorters are superior to use after a wave pick or batch pick operation.

This particular sortation can be designed in 2 different configurations; Horizontal Sortation which is circular and Vertical Sortation which is in a linear format.

These conveyors are the RightFit solution for operations that require a higher volume of throughput, a wide range of product shapes and sizes, or have narrow footprints and many different processing stations. This technology has been widely used in many industries including grocery, apparel, and e-commerce.
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