Crossbelt Sorter


A crossbelt sorter is a rail (or track)-based construction sorter with independently controlled, bi-directional “belt sections” (positions) mounted at 90-degrees to the sorter travel. The sorter control system activates each belt section individually along the path to allow for accurate sortation into transfer-chutes located on either side of the sorter.

The crossbelt sorter is designed to convey and sort parcels, small units, boxes, polybags, apparel and more at high speed with gentle handling characteristics. This high-speed sortation devices can, in certain configurations, achieve a throughput over 25,000 UPH (units per hour). There are generally 2 configuration-styles for a crossbelt sorter (loop or linear). Depending on design requirements like throughput and available space each can offer advantages over other sorting technologies.

A loop configuration will yield the highest throughput and can act as 2 two virtual sorters. By having two induction areas with one on each side of the loop the sorter will be two independent systems each with induction, scanning, sorter and assigned dedicated chutes. This application will yield a sort rate nearly twice the carrier rate.

The linear (or over-under) configuration sorts from the upper level while the lower is used for the return (none sort) level. This application would be a direct replacement for a high-speed shoe sorter.

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If a wide range of products are needed (i.e. polybags and variety of items and box with varied sizes and shapes) that may require gentle handling at higher sortation speeds. The crossbelt sorter is a one of the best technologies to consider.

When should you consider a Crossbelt Sortation Conveyor for your operation?

If a wide range of products are needed (i.e. polybags and variety of items and box with varied sizes and shapes) that may require gentle handling at higher sortation speeds. The crossbelt sorter is a one of the best technologies to consider.


Crossbelt sortation conveyors provide many unique and tangible features required in today’s distribution and order fulfillment operations.

  • Sorter speeds exceeding 15,000 carriers per hour
  • Ability to handle; cartons, totes, poly bags, letters, fragile items, etc
  • Durable, proven, and quiet sortation solution
  • Provided substantial operational flexibility
  • Highly accurate sorting using a positive discharge belt conveyor for the divert


Crossbelt sorter offers many unique characteristics that other hi-speed sorters may not be able to achieve. For example, gentle handling of many product types at high-speed and high throughput.

  • High-speed sortation throughput over 25,000 UPH
  • Gentle and accurate handling of a wide range of products
  • A scalable and expandable technology
  • Dense pos-sort chute configuration
  • Efficient energy consumption characteristics
  • Complex chute design that allow for multiple order destinations per a divert location
  • Proven technology with impressive uptimes and machine availability


The crossbelt conveyor system’s speed, efficiency, and flexibility provides a large number of applications for the supply chain industry including:

  • Direct to consumer DTC – batch pick order selection and sort to order
  • Store returns & store replenishment
  • Cross dock operation
  • Kitting
  • Mixed mail sorting
  • Small and large parcel handling
  • Poly bag handling
  • Inbound sorting to put-away

Options & Accessories

Crossbelt sorter conveyor system has many options and accessories designed to improve throughput, accuracy, and specific application requirements.

  • Two sorters in one – A single crossbelt sorter in a loop can be configured with two induction and chute areas to double the carrier per hour rate.
  • Automated weigh in motion
  • Product dimensioning technology
  • Automated, semi-automated or manual induction technology
  • Pres-sort upstream of induction to allow for 2 virtual sorters


linear crossbelt sorter specifications

Loop crossbelt sorter specifications


Why work with Conveyco?

Conveyco, as an independent systems integrator, can “RightFIT” the best sortation technology to the application. We have the power of choice as we are sourcing the several crossbelt sortation system manufacturers. Then we will integrate this best-of-class technology into the overall system including seamless Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Execution System (WES) software.

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