Sliding Shoe Sorter

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Sliding Shoe Sorter

A sliding shoe sorter is a highly accurate option for sorting products of many different shapes, sizes, and weights.

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Shoe sorters have the ability to sort products at a high rate without causing any damage to the product. The rate at which it can sort will depend on the size and weight of the product itself. The range for the rate may be from 20 products per minute to hundreds of products per minute.

In order for a shoe sorter to operate, slats are attached to the conveyor and used to carry product through the system.

Shoes are attached to one side of the slats while diverts will be on the opposite side. As products are carried along the conveyor path toward their specified divert, multiple shoes will gently divert the product in a diagonal direction from the slat conveyor onto the divert lane. The diagonal motion of multiple shoes is used to avoid damaging the product.
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