Garment on Hanger (GOH) Sortation System

GOH Feature

Conveyco’s garment-on-hanger (GOH) sortation system empowers order fulfillment operations to process and ship garments and apparel faster, and with greater accuracy, than manual or other forms of automated sortation. The result is an optimized workflow, higher throughputs, increased efficiency, and reduced labor costs—all of which benefits your bottom line.  

Our GOH system performs at industry-setting benchmarks.The system can be implemented in single- or multi-level operations efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Induction to the sorter is achieved manually or automatically by adding a mechanical device that synchronizes a screw conveyor with the hooks, which delivers the hangers to the hooks as they pass through the induction area. The induction process can also be integrated with an automatic trolley stripper.

The Garment-on-hanger sortation system has a variable speed controller, allowing the operations to optimize the travel speed of the garments, as well as the induction rate.

Why Leverage a Garment on Hanger (GOH) Sortation System in Your Operation

The ability to handle, process, and sort apparel without needing to remove the garments from hangers is a game-changer for order fulfillment operations that handle large amounts of garments. Armed with impressive features and capable of being used in a variety of applications, our garment-on-hanger sortation system helps operations realize powerful benefits.


When selecting a garment-on-hanger sortation system, look for the following features, all of which come standard for all GOH systems provided by Conveyco:

  • Single- and double-sided hooks
  • 13,000 hooks per hour
  • Actuation in electrical or pneumatic
  • Accommodates wire and plastic neck hangers
  • Automatic garment induction available
  • Noise level below 75 dB
  • Detailed reporting
  • Standard software package
  • PC-based controls package


By utilizing a garment-on-hanger sortation system in your store, warehouse, or fulfillment center, it’s possible to realize a number of key benefits:

  • Dramatically reduced manual labor costs associated with sortation
  • Decreased processing time and fast delivery to stores
  • Increased order accuracy and fewer errors
  • Distributed IO allows for simple troubleshooting
  • Simple machine design results in easy maintenance
  • Delivery of store-ready product
  • No product creasing


A garment-on-hanger sortation system can be leveraged in a variety of order fulfillment environments in order to support a range of unique applications:

  • E-commerce Order Fulfillment
  • Hanging Unit Store Distribution
  • Returns Processing 

Why Work With Conveyco

As one of the premiere systems integrators in North America, Conveyco has access to the very best technologies and manufacturers in the world. This allows us to focus solely on our the needs and requirements of our clients, and not quotas or factory capacities. Our loyalty is always on delivering the best possible solution for our clients—never to the manufacturer or technology.

With more than 40 years of experience integrating order fulfillment systems for our clients, we’re proud to practice the “customer for life” mantra. We’ve designed, modified, and kept customer operations running since the 1980s—a tribute to our commitment to reliability and performance, regardless of the specific technologies or solutions leveraged.

If you choose to work with us, we will leverage our RightFIT Methodology to first determine the best course of action for your business and its unique needs, whether that involves implementing a garment-on-hanger system or some other solution. 

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