Pop-Up Sorter & Strip Belt Sorter Conveyor System

Pop-Up Sorter and Strip Belt Sorter Conveyor

Pop-Up Sorters or also called a Strip Belt Sorters are some of the most flexible sortation conveyors on the market today. They can convey cases and poly bags divert at a wide range of degrees to fit your application requirements and are economically affordable.

Pop-up or Strip Belt Sorters use a series of skinny belts to carry the product for sortation. Divert buckets are installed along the carrying surface that can divert products using a 90° roller divert, or a 30° pop-up wheel configuration. They are quiet compared to most other sorters such as shoe sorters and can handle rates up to 200 cartons per minute (CPM).

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Why Pop-Up or Strip Belt Sorters Will Work for Your Operations

Pop-up or Strip Belt Sorters have become a great tool for sortation. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to maintain and can sort a wide range of products. They have several different divert alternatives and multiple styles can be installed on the same conveyor. The sorter can handle most throughput requirements and are often less expensive than other sortation technologies including crossbelt sorters, tilt tray sorters, sliding shoe sorters, pop-up sorters, electric sweep sorters, pusher sorters, linear arm sorters, drop down sorters.

Features of Pop-up or Strip Belt Sorters

The flexibility of Pop-up or Strip Belt Sortation conveyors can be seen in the features they provide:

  • 90°, 45°, and 30° sortation mechanisms available
  • Individual belt tensioning system
  • Many different divert module styles
  • Various sizes for small parcels, bags, and dual sided diverting
  • Multiple wheel configurations for difficult to sort product

Benefits of Pop-up or Strip Belt Sorters

Operations with pop-up and belt strip belt sorter conveyors benefit in multiple ways.

  • Quiet and low energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easily re-configured to suit changing business needs
  • High throughput rates

Applications for Pop-up or Strip Belt Sorters

Pop-Up Sorters and Strip Belt Sorter conveyors work in a variety of applications. The hardware can be configured for small or large parcels, corrugate or bags, and for low or high sortation throughput.

  • Sorting batch picked totes into put cells
  • Sorting into packing stations
  • Wave based sortation
  • E-commerce bag and corrugate sortation
  • Applications that require dense sort locations
  • High speed applications
  • Small or light parcel sortation
  • Feeding tappers and carton closing stations
  • Feeding directly into gaylords
  • Tote or carton buffering system

Why Conveyco Is Your Best Choice for Pop-Up Sorter or Strip Belt Sorter Conveyor Systems

Conveyco has been applying conveyor to order fulfillment systems for over 40 years. Our engineering department can apply Pop-up/ Strip Belt sorter conveyor systems correctly to minimize capital expense while keeping the system functioning as needed. There is a fine line between minimizing costs without giving away functionality.

Every customer and their application are uniquely different, and Conveyco knows where conveyor capital is best spent, and where the opportunities for value engineering exist. Pop-Up or Strip Belt Sorter conveyor systems are often an afterthought, but our engineering team understands the importance of doing things correctly, and the pain that is caused by improper design.

Conveyco has spent decades building relationships with the best in breed conveyor manufacturers to allow a wide array of tools curated to pick the manufacturers that best fit your application, unique requirements, maintenance, deadlines, and business case.

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