Vertical Sequencing Module (VSM)

vertical sequencing module (VSM)

The Conveyco Vertical Sequencing Module (VSM) provides for an automated way of saving valuable space while sequencing and buffering totes. Whether you are using the VSM to increase the efficiencies of Mini-Loads, AMRs, Shuttle, conveyor or Putwall Systems, or simply buffering orders from multiple zones to hit consolidation and shipping at the “right time,” the Vertical Sequencing and Buffering Module improves your operations performance quickly and easily.

The VSM is a self-contained module with tote positions in the front and rear of the unit. The VSM has a pick window, conveyor or AMR interface in the front and rear of each module and can be located on multiple levels (not just the base). An inserter/extractor system runs up and down the center storing and retrieving totes. The inserter/extractor is told which totes to pick by the controls and software. In one movement, the inserter/extractor picks the totes from the front and back of the module. Then the totes move on the inserter/extractor system platform to reflect the sequence required. The totes are then delivered to the pick window or awaiting conveyor, pick window or AMR.vertical sequencing module (VSM) BasicsAppearance wise, the VSM looks very much like a Vertical Lift Module (VLM), but it is nothing like one. A VLM uses tray storage while the Vertical Sequencing Module (VSM) inserts/extracts and moves totes within the system individually. The system stores five totes across and up to 65 feet tall (standard, additional heights available) to save valuable floor space.

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Why a Vertical Sequencing Module (VSM) for Buffering and Sequencing Orders Will Improve Your Facilities Efficiencies

The Vertical Sequencing Module will cost-effectively improve the performance of existing technologies by allowing them to work in off times, reduce travel time and movement, eliminate activities. The VSM is buffering the item and will deliver it without involving other technologies. The VSM also allow growing operations to utilize its capacity rather than growing equipment and floor space.



Features of Vertical Sequencing Module (VSM)

The Flexibility of the VSM System Vital Operational Features

  • Up to 500 transactions per hour per module
  • Integrates one or multiple modules
  • Lights out operation
  • Integrates with all forms of material handling equipment including: AS/RS, AMRs, robotics, conveyor and more
  • Multiple insertion and extraction points can be designed in every module and system
  • Totes can have variable heights within the system
  • Totes can be subdivided for maximum density

Benefits Vertical Sequencing Module (VSM)

VSM Benefits Provide Tremendous Bottom-Line Results

  • Eliminates up to 2/3 labor costs
  • Enhances existing equipment’s performance reducing additional equipment acquisition, moving or expansion costs
  • Saves up to 85% of floor space
  • Low acquisition costs provides a fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Mitigates or eliminates new equipment acquisition costs
  • Provides flexibility to organizations experiencing growth or peak periods

Applications for VSM Systems

The number of applications the VSM can help improve efficiencies are numerous. By reviewing your operation’s growth plans, bottlenecks and pain points, a RightFIT review will determine the viability, size, scope, flow, and benefits of a VSM system.

  • Order Fulfillment
  • Returns Processing
  • Order Consolidation
  • BOPIS – Buy Online and Pick Up at Store or Curbside
  • Equipment Optimization – AMRs, Mini-Loads, Shuttles, Conveyor, Putwalls, Automated Packaging, Robotic Picking, Augmented Vision Systems, A-Frames, Sortation Systems and much more
  • Packstation Optimization
  • Shipping – Route Building
  • Shipping – Lowering Fees
  • Work in Progress
  • Mixed Pallet Building

VSM Options & Accessories

Why Conveyco Is Your Best Choice to Implement Your Vertical Sequencing Module System

Understanding how you can optimize your existing equipment, processes and floorspace requires an understanding of an organizations data and business case. Conveyco has over 40 years of experience in implementing our seven-step RightFIT Methodology. This methodology helps assure organizations that the required results meet and exceed operation, financial, and business requirements. Conveyco will work with you to determine the best products and solutions.

Specifications for Vertical Sequencing Module (VSM)


vertical sequencing module (VSM) specifications

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