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Distribution operations vary from one client to another, even within the same industry segments. Conveyco works with each client to identify the unique aspects of their operation and then develop a solution that is tailored to that client’s operational needs and objectives. Conveyco Warehouse Execution Software (WES) is a smart and modular software system.

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Conveyco WES is different from typical WCS systems because it truly integrates people, processes, and automation. Our in-depth understanding of processes, controls, and automation allows our team to strike the proper balance between hard and soft technologies. Our goal is to find the perfect blend of each to create the RightFIT solution for every client.

The Conveyco WES suite of software is available to be applied as an integrated system to optimize the entire fulfillment operation or individual modules to address specific tasks in an operation.

Conveyco Warehouse Management System Software

Inventory Management

Inventory is not in a static state as it moves through a distribution center. It moves through the storage, replenishment and picking processes and many times in different types of locations, such as bulk storage and forward picking. Conveyco WES is a great supplement to Host software that does not handle this as dynamically as needed to optimize the distribution center processes. The WES can drive directed stock put away and forward picking replenishment by wireless real-time communication, such as handheld Radio Frequency (RF) and truck mounted or voice recognition terminals. Location management and quantity tracking by location is essential in the inventory management of a fast-paced operation. This is starting to become the norm within most industry models, as well as, real-time forward pick location quantity control and replenishment.

Order Management

The WES Order Management module is a completely integrated order fulfillment engine. It takes all order data and manages the entire fulfillment process from the planning phase, like wave and batch planning, through the picking and packing phases. One centralized system to drive all of the picking and order consolidation processes instead of multiple software systems to drive each type of picking technology. WES provides the following order picking technologies within the same software module:

Cartonization logic is a unique WES feature selects the size and type of container for each order by any number of criteria: cube, weight, value, fragility, temperature control, family group, style, size or department. For orders that require multiple shipping containers, WES manages them individually through the picking and packing process to drive maximum productivity in each area.

If product volumes vary greatly in an operation, there may be different methods of picking used, for example discrete order picking, put-to-order, and bulk picking. WES breaks orders down by the pick method and then consolidates at the end of the process to maximize order picking efficiency.

Automation Management

Conveyco WES was originally designed to manage and coordinate different automated subsystems. Today’s high volume fulfillment operations require more automation to meet shrinking order cycle time requirements. WES has expanded its reach to manage and coordinate the activities of different automated subsystems within an operation:

Shipping Automation

Conveyco WES helps balance the flow of the overall operation by providing end to end management of the shipping process, the last and most important step in the order fulfillment operation.

Parcel & Container Manifesting

With visibility throughout the entire operation and integration with the Order and Automation Management modules, shipping becomes more flexible and less labor intensive. Parcel manifesting (weighing, dimensioning, checking and labeling of outbound containers) can be fully automated eliminating associated labor with fewer costly order or compliance errors. As parcel freight rates continue to rise, automating the carrier selection and manifesting processes can reduce overall cost and provide a better customer experience.

Order Consolidation and Wave Management

Shipping is where large orders are consolidated onto pallets. One way to deal with this process is to break the day down into waves and manage the transition between waves to keep product moving through the systems and operators in every process area productive. Whether you operate a wave-based or waveless system is based on the way orders are managed and picked. Regardless of the picking functionality, shipping operations need flexibility in the way orders are routed to be as efficient as possible. WES provides this flexibility by managing sortation and buffering systems with real-time decisions to maximize labor and space efficiency with:

  • Real-time shipping lane assignments based on available sort lane space
  • Container or pallet manifesting to provide unit level information for each type of container shipped
  • Fluid wave transition to keep product flowing and operators productive at all times
  • Directed put away to staging areas to minimize handling time and maximize valuable dock space

Benefits of the Conveyco Warehouse Execution Software

Conveyco WES is the heart of our RightFIT solutions. It provides proven modular functionality to all processes in the order fulfillment operation. Each software module is tailored to each client’s unique needs with one system to coordinate all sub-systems (automated and non-automated) within the distribution center. All system functions display through a series of dashboards that provide managers real-time visibility so they can run the most efficient and accurate operation. Conveyco WES is a battle-tested product with many successful implementations. It comes with the 24/7 support from trained personnel who help our clients keep their operations running smoothly no matter what time of the day or night.

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