Voice Picking

Voice Picking, Pick to Voice - Conveyco Technologies Inc
Photo Courtesy of Honeywell-Vocollect

Why should you use Voice Picking?

Voice Picking creates a more efficient method of communication between the worker and the Warehouse Management System (WMS). Through the use of speech recognition, Voice Picking can dramatically improve order picking. Improvements will depend on your current order picking method, but an accuracy of 99.9% could be achieved.

 What type of equipment is used?

Each user wears a belt-worn wireless terminal with real time communication to the WMS. The benefit of Voice Picking is user accessibility and limited equipment cost. The wireless terminal works off of standard compliant radio frequency and network communications server. It is possible to use an existing compliant network, but a radio frequency survey may be required. Voice terminals are light weight and user friendly, they can also be used in freezer environments. The training for your Voice Picking workforce will only takes a few minutes once the infrastructure, technology and software are in place.

What productivity gains and benefits can I expect?

Hands and eye free operations, will increase order picking productivity by 10% or more. Administrative productivity will increase due to the elimination of tasks such as printing and distributing picking lists and labels, the action of keying in picking confirmations and many other time consuming tasks.

Capitalizing on cost savings with the elimination of paper picking labels, real time radio communication will also increase productivity by updating real time inventory, improving accuracy of inventory recording, and optimizing the process of inventory checking.

Safety of the worker, and a safe work environment is the key to the successful operation of any facility. Voice Picking technology decreases the amount of workplace accidents because of hands and eye free operation.

Expected ROI?

Depending on your facility, if it is operating only one or multiple picking shifts per day, the payback of costs can be achieved between six months to a year.