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Order Fulfillment and Warehouse Solutions Tailored to Your Operation

Today, the necessity for converting warehouse and distribution center operations from overhead to a profit center has never been more critical. Operations must be lean, flexible, scalable and even moved to meet the ever-changing business needs and requirements.

Because every business and operation is unique, every project requires an approach that is tailored to the specific realities and challenges that they face.

By focusing on each segment of the journey, Conveyco’s RightFIT methodology helps create an aligned and holistic vision for the best solution. It does this by outlining seven key steps that should be followed to ensure project success:

  1. Deep-Dive Data Analysis
  2. Design Objectives
  3. Alternative Analysis
  4. Business Case
  5. Set a Clear Path to Success
  6. Execution Roadmap
  7. Life Cycle Nexus

This process allows for a more efficient execution while helping to address future growth and meet or exceed the business case.

1. Deep-Dive Data Analytics

The first step in the process is to conduct a deep-dive analysis of the data that is most important to your operation, including SKU data, item master data, and order history, amongst other data points.

By performing this comprehensive analysis, we are able to use that deep understanding to create models that illustrate a 360-degree view of the existing state of the four walls within your operation. Additionally, it allows us to incorporate the “nuances” which make your organization unique and loved by your customers, ensuring that you have a foundation to build success.

2. Design Objectives

Next, we aim to fully understand your organization’s strategic goals—where you are now and where you wish to be—so that we can craft a system that is aligned with your unique goals and trajectory.

This information, paired with the analysis conducted in the first step, will be used to identify the shape, size, and scale of the systems, processes, and resources that will be required to meet the current and future demands of your operation.

3. Alternative Analysis

By understanding the current metrics required to define success of the future state, an evaluation of technologies, concepts and configurations is conducted.

An emphasis is placed on a solution that optimizes people, processes and systems. In fact, alternative solutions are reviewed and analyzed to determine the very best fit for an organization’s requirements. We will never recommend a solution or technology unless we are certain that it will provide value for your operation.

4. Business Case

Using an outcome-based approach and RightFIT methodology allows us to generate a business case that is focused on delivering upon the solution’s benefits, accommodating growth and flexibility. This means that you can deploy capital in the most efficient way for your operation, even if that means a phased or staggered investment.

Special attention is paid to ensuring that return on investment is great enough to justify the expense of all equipment and systems.

5. Set a Clear Path to Success

Once the technologies, processes, and systems have been selected for your operation and the business case has justified the required investment of capital, time, and effort , a clear path to success must be defined.

This is accomplished by detailing a holistic vision that aligns the project’s scope of work with all available operational resources that will be required for a successful execution. Establishing this path before any work begins ensures that all variables are accounted for and all contingencies planned.

6. Execution Roadmap

In order to bring the project to successful fruition, an execution roadmap outlining each key step must be established.

This roadmap includes process documentation to all hardware and software integrations, phased realization testing, and extensive go-live training—all of which are necessary to empower the realization of results at your operation’s unique pace.

7. Life Cycle Nexus

The final step is the creation of the life cycle nexus. By working together with client partners to keep system uptime and performance at peak efficiencies, accountability is enhanced along with the ability to move beyond the old design-build paradigm.

This allows the RightFIT methodology to help exceed clients’ ever-changing and increasing demands.

Technology & Manufacturer Neutral

As one of the premier systems integrators in North America, Conveyco has access to the very best technologies and manufacturers in the world. This allows us to focus solely on our the needs and requirements of our clients, and not quotas or factory capacities.

Our loyalty is always to the client—never to the manufacturer or technology.

Our Specialties

With more than 40 years of experience integrating order fulfillment systems for our clients, we’re proud to practice the “customer for life” mantra. We’ve designed, modified, and kept customer operations running since the 1980s—a tribute to our commitment to reliability and performance, regardless of the specific technologies or solutions leveraged.

As such, we are sought out by the very best-in-breed manufacturing partners, who represent the full breadth of automated material handling technologies—from conveyors and sorters to automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS), automated packaging, palletization, robotics, and everything in between.

See below to learn more about the various technologies that we have successfully integrated into client operations in the past.

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