Goods-to-Person Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and ASRS

The Go-Fer Bot™ Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) provide low labor, high-density storage and fast throughput for Goods-to-Person Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS). Shelves and racks are used to store inventory. The racks are in a high-density formation on the floor. When needed, the Go-Fer Bot AMR moves under a rack and lifts it. Then the Autonomous mobile robots move intelligently on the floor to queue at the correct workstation for the operator.

The workstation can be very basic (a monitor and scanner) or can be more elaborate including Pick-to-Light technologies, weigh scale, Dimensioners, packaging materials and other equipment required to complete the required tasks and/or processes.

Once the item has been picked, the AMR returns to rack to the storage area or next workstation. Another bot is already pre-positioned in the queue and moves into position to be picked. Multiple queue and workstation configurations can be utilized for a myriad of applications and specific tasks.

The racks can be easily configured to handle a wide variety of inventory requirements ranging from shelves, tote positions, hanging garments, pallets, case handling and much more.

Systems are designed to dramatically reduce labor, provide high-density storage and high throughput operations while being agile and flexible allowing organizations to shrink, grow or move its operations quickly and easily.

The system’s flexibility makes it perfect for order fulfillment, Goods-to-Person retrieval, high density storage, easy to replenish, reverse logistics (or returns) processing, kitting, work in process (WIP) and many other applications.

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Why the Autonomous Mobile Robot Go-Fer Bot is Perfect for Your Operations

The Autonomous Mobile Robot Go-Fer Bot provides a cost effective and reliable Goods-to-Person Automated Storage and Retrieval System designed to change as an organization’s needs and requirements change. The speed of deployment, reduced labor requirements, and low acquisition cost makes the Go-Fer Bot a fast return on investment (ROI) system.

Features of Autonomous Mobile Robot Goods to Person System

The Go-Fer Bot AMR AS/RS System combines high density and throughput with tremendous levels of labor and space savings

  • No single point of failure
  • Rapid deployment
  • System agility and flexibility accommodates changing business requirements
  • Handles a wide range of inventory
  • Eliminates operators walking and searching
  • System automatically slots and stores intelligently to increase throughput
  • Grow, shrink or move the system quickly
  • Minimal maintenance

Benefits of Autonomous Mobile Robot AS/RS System

The benefits of the Go-Fer Bot AMR system translate into an easy operations and business decision

  • Up to 1,000 picks per hour/operator
  • Saves up to 2/3 or more floor space
  • Eliminates up to 2/3 of existing labor
  • Flexible to change as your inventory and business changes
  • Accuracy levels up to 99.9%
  • No single point of failure and constant monitoring for high performance
  • Easily works around support structures, sub-par flooring and odd floor space design

Applications for Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Go-Fer Bots

The flexibility and reduced infrastructure requirements allow the Go-Fer Bot AMR to be used in dedicated or combined application installations

  • Order picking and order fulfillment
    • Omnichannel
    • Retail
    • Store replenishment
    • BOPIS
    • Manufacturing
    • Kitting
  • Consolidation
  • Reverse logistics (returns) handling
  • Replenishment
  • A flexible range of storage capabilities in each system
    • Loose SKUs
    • Inner packs
    • Totes
    • Cases
    • Pallets
    • Hanging Goods (GOH)
    • Bags and pouches
    • Custom solutions

Goods-to-Person AMR Options & Accessories

  • Available as capital purchase, leasing or RaaS (robots as a service)
  • Scanners, weigh scales, Dimensioners, label printers, packing equipment
  • Easily integrates with WMS and WES systems
  • Temporary workstations, robots and racks as activity dictates

Specifications for the Autonomous Mobile Robot Go-Fer Bot

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Conveyco and our autonomous mobile robot partners combined provide the largest breadth of robotic systems available on the market. With decades of experience, Conveyco utilizes its RightFIT methodology to determine the best solution for your organization and operations. Unlike a manufacturer, we have access to the best AMR robotic systems on the planet. We design systems utilizing the best combination of technologies available to exceed your business requirements. Give us a call, drop us an email or hit the consult button below to see how Conveyco can help you succeed.

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