Full Case Order Picking System

Full Case Picking System - Conveyco Technologies Inc

Full Case Order Picking Optimizes the Highest Volume Fulfillment Operations

Full Case Order Picking has historically been treated as a manual operation. Today, Conveyco helps clients design labor-saving automated and semi-automated solutions to optimize labor and space while increasing order accuracy.

We analyze order profiles and SKU movement data for the operation, and we develop the RightFIT for any combination of picking and replenishing methods so that you can achieve your business goals.

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Conveyco designs Full Case Order Picking systems to:

  • Maximize picking and replenish labor efficiencies
  • Simplify the consolidation of conveyable and non-conveyable
  • Build orders in unique sequences to maximize trailer cube utilization and minimize delivery labor
  • Store and deliver completed orders to free up dock space and turn trailers faster

We design systems with the right amount of technology, but that doesn’t always require the most technology. The method for storage and replenishment can be as important as the technology. We help you to find ways to use and combine many different technologies as we design your

Full Case Order Picking systems, including:

  • Unit load and miniload ASRS
  • Pallet shuttles (pallet runner)
  • Pick modules
  • Hybrid case picking systems
  • Sortation systems
  • Automated labeling systems

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