Pick-to-Light Systems

pick to light

Pick-to-Light (PTL) is a light-directed order fulfillment technology that provides an accurate, simple and efficient method of paperless picking, putting, sorting and assembling products while simultaneously lowering labor costs.

A typical light-based picking system uses different colored LED lights along with a series of letters and numbers. These tracking components allow for a faster accumulation of products while maintaining inventory accuracy. The pick-light system can be integrated with a myriad of technologies including: Flow rack, shelving, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), carousels, vertical lift modules, pick carts, put walls, gaylords, bins, totes, and much more.

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Why Pick-to-Light Systems Make Sense for your Operation

Pick-to-Light systems normally are easy to implement and operate which can be used in many different operations and order fulfillment processes to achieve a high level of order accuracy, efficiency, and reliability at an affordable investment. 


The primary value of Pick-to-Light is its simplicity and versatility. It can be used as an individual picking or as a team picking activity. The system is:

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use
  • Highly productive
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexible
  • Minimum Training is required


Implementing a Pick-to-Light system can yield multiple benefits to businesses in terms of cost-savings, accuracy and productivity. Full project ROI is often achieved quickly.

  • 30%-50% increase in pick rate productivity
  • 99.9%+ accuracy rates
  • Rapid implementation
  • Eliminates wasted walk & search time
  • Minimum employee training time
  • Shorter order cycle times
  • Predictable picking process
  • Increased throughput


The versatility of Pick-to-Light offers itself to many effective applications including order picking, parts picking, sortation, kitting, consolidation, and assembly. Most Pick-to-Light products can also be integrated with other automated systems and manufacturing tasks.

  • Retail
  • Direct Selling
  • Ecommerce & Catalog
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Products
  • Health & Beauty, Cosmetics
  • Automotive Kitting & Assembly
  • Grocery & Meal Delivery
  • 3rd Party Fulfillment Companies
  • General Kitting


  • Quick ROI – Improves productivity of any warehouse operation, regardless of existing order picking technology in use.
  • Easy to Implement – Unique hardware and software easily retrofits into existing Material Handling Equipment and IT infrastructure.
  • Easy to Learn – Market leading displays for intuitive and easy implementation.
  • Flexible and Expandable – Works equally well standalone or in conjunction with other technologies, in small or large distribution operations.

Why Work With Conveyco

Conveyco’s expertise in Logistics Automation Solutions will help any customer determine the best equipment, system layout and the most efficient processes and installation to optimize the Pick-to-Light productivity and labor output.

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