A-Frame Automatic Dispenser


A-Frame Automatic Dispenser Order Fulfillment System

An A-Frame Automatic Dispenser is an automated picking machine that gently dispenses product from vertical channels into totes, boxes, containers or conveyor belt traveling through the center of the material handling system. The channels can accommodate a wide range of item sizes and can be adjusted quickly to accommodate changing inventory profiles. An A-Frame System can be stationary or portable to accommodate facility and application requirements.

Zero Picking Labor

Orders are filled automatically requiring zero order picking labor. As the A-Frame system fills anywhere from up to 800 orders per hour (when picking to conveyor), on up to 2,000 or more orders per hour (when picking to totes or cartons), the only labor requirement is replenishment. Automated, semi-automated, and manual replenishment systems are available. A-Frame systems fill orders at rates faster than any other form of automated storage and retrieval systems. These systems are highly accurate and can provide years and even decades of reliable usage.

In excess of 2,000 Orders/Hour Dispensed to Totes, Boxes or Containers

Inventory items are dispensed directly into totes, boxes or actual outbound shipping cartons, as they pass an active channel containing a required SKUs. The conveyor speed is automatically adjusted depending on the quantity of items per SKU are required in an order. After the items have been dispensed, the order is automatically routed downstream to another pick zone, consolidation or packing, and shipping.

Dispense up to 800 or more Orders/Hour to Conveyor

Inventory is located in the vertical channels on both sides of a conveyor belt. Items are dispensed automatically onto segments of an encoded belt. Orders go through the system and then into a transfer station. The transfer station moves the items into awaiting cross belt or tilt tray positions or totes, boxes or shipping containers.

A-Frame applications include e-commerce, retail, store, wholesale and kitting requiring high-speed order fulfillment utilizing minimum labor, high accuracy and throughput. Industries that utilize A-Frame technologies include: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty, vision care, nutritional supplements, fashion jewelry, office supplies, supermarket, electronics, entertainment, direct marketing and others.

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