Trash Conveyor System

Trash Conveyor System

One of the most commonly overlooked components of a properly design order fulfillment system is the removal of trash created during the receiving and picking process. Depending upon the volume of eaches or inner packs consumed within a shift the creation of corrugate can create a safety hazard as well as impede the productivity of those working in these areas.

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To address manually handling large amounts of corrugate in a system Trash Conveyor or more correctly Empty Corrugated Conveyor was created. These wide trash conveyors allow conveying of corrugate out of work areas and onto areas where they can be efficiently disposed.

Typically, these conveyors feed chutes at bailer or compactors where loads of corrugate are created for removal from the facility.

It is possible to merge lines from multiple levels within an order selection module or the discharge from multiple order selection modules into one stream that can feed balers or compactors. At each of these transfer points, it is a best practice to step up the width of the conveyor that is being merged onto one width to reduce jams.
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