Narrow Belt Sorter Wave

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Narrow Belt Sorter Wave

The Narrow Belt Sorter uses a set of narrow strip belts to carry product over the surface of the sorter.

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The magic of the wave is the cascading or “wave” of the individual rows of wheels. Five rows of wheels cascade such that the first row drops followed by each row in direction of flow one after the next. The result is that a reduced amount of gap is required on the machine. This results in a higher overall throughput in terms of product feet vs. gap or air required on machines that have a higher gap requirement between cartons on the machine.


Quiet: The belt design of the NBS is extremely quiet
Flexible: The modular design of the NBS divert is easier to apply vs. rigid divert centers that cannot change later
Energy consumption: The consumption of an NBS is more than 50% less than comparable pop up wheel sorters
30- and 90-degree offerings: Divert buckets can be inserted interchangeably as the operation needs

Common Applications:

High Rate Sortation: This machine can handle faster rate requirements than a standard NBS is significantly less costly
Packing Sorters: When totes and cartons of wide ranges need to be sorted into packing areas
Feeding Tappers and Carton Closing Stations: Cartons are distributed to one of several carton sealers or even to specific stations depending on collateral material required such as catalogs or invoicing.
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